Games Under Construction

Games Under Construction

Hollow games (under construction), a Studio on Scratch. Welcome to Hollow games we are the ones who made the Hollow (work not released yet).

Under construction games

Construction Games are building simulator games for kids and creative people. Build the biggest bridge on earth with our free bridge builder. Construct big cities and simulate traffic or destroy everything with construction machinery. Build and create to your heart's content and then if you're in the mood watch it all tumble down again. That is why you need to try out our fun and entertaining Construction Games here at!

  1. The best party games for a construction themed birthday! Construction Party: Construction-themed Party Games. Looking for some fun construction themed party games for your construction birthday party? I’m sharing some awesome construction party games and activities.
  2. Under Construction Racing is a free racing game where you drive through a construction site, the road is almost done but there are still a lot of under construction barriers that will stay in your way, making it hard for you to keep your car in one piece. Don’t worry you can pick up free health kits on the way but just to be safe keep your eyes on the road and try to avoid the obstacles.
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Construction is the process through which buildings and infrastructure are created. Construction sites are a common sight in cities and towns, where multi-storied buildings, new streets and crossings and bridges are constantly erected and renovated. When it comes to construction games, you will have to show your general understanding of physics, gravity in particular, to make sure that your construction withstand the demands the level puts on them. If your building is to wonky, or your bridge too soft, terrible things might happen!

So put on your hard hat and go and build something to last. Make sure people get across the bridge safely, and have a roof over their head. Or maybe you're more interested in blowing things up efficiently. Enjoy playing the best free construction games online on!

Games Under Construction Put your hard hat on... because we're going under construction! This addictive puzzle game, brought to you by 2DPlay will have you constructing for hours! Build beautiful towers using colorful building blocks. Meet building goals in each level and win points for matching 2 or more blocks of the same color. Use exciting power-up's if you get stuck!
Submit highscores and compete with other builders around the world!


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Games Under Construction
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Under Construction Games

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Game Under Construction

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