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Have you seen the new GoPro Quik for Desktop? It automatically edits your GoPro videos for you! Here’s a Quik tutorial and overview of getting started with editing your GoPro videos with Quik for Desktop. Be sure to check out the entire video overview.

Action Cam only supports the below ® formats: Photos in Standard Baseline JPEG and Videos in AVI (Motion JPEG) created by Kidizoom Action Cam. ® TECHNICAL SUPPORT If you have a problem that cannot be solved by using this manual, we encourage you to visit us online or contact our Consumer Services Department with any problems and/or. COMPLETE PLAYLIST GoPro Studio 2.5 User Manual. UNDERSTANDING THE WORKFLOW There are two ways of using GoPro Studio. The first way is as a stand-alone, start-to-finish video editing application. The second way is to use GoPro Studio in tandem with other 3rd party video editing applications such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere. You can also capture photos over a long time frame, then convert them into a video using GoPro Studio (included with Quik for desktop). The default FOV for Time Lapse Photo is Wide, with the default interval set at 0.5 second. Page 4 GOPRO CINEFORM STUDIO to this as the “project folder” from here forward. The video files from your GoPro camera may be large and the files you convert and make changes to (including GoPro CineForm 3D clips) can get quite large depending on the length of your footage, so create this folder on a drive with enough free space.


Quik App for Desktop

Gopro studio cnet

You might be familiar with GoPro’s Quik App for iPhone and Android, and now they’ve come out with a desktop version. Quik App for Desktop works on a Mac or PC, and it’s a free download.

Gopro Studio Cnet

Basically what it does, is allows you to import your GoPro clips, select your favorite clips using a “Hilight” tag, and then it edits your video for you–including adding music. It’s pretty neat, and, as the name suggests, the process is pretty quick.

Pros for Quik App


As quick and easy as it is, there are a few drawbacks. But first, let me say: this is awesome and perfect for any first time GoPro video editors. It’s SO easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed with video editing software, so for those who are new to it, it’s awesome. Just get your footage off your memory card, and out there into a watchable, shareable video. Done.

Cons for Quik App

Gopro Studio Manual

You can only use GoPro content in the Quik App – you can’t import footage from your phone or DSLR and edit within Quik App for Desktop. Not a big deal, after all… this is a GoPro app. Of course, they want you it to be utilized with GoPro content!

You have 10 songs available to you for free and have to enroll in GoPro Plus in order to access their additional song library. Also, you can’t import your own music to use.

Gopro Studio Stabilize

You are also limited to the number of Hilights you can make. For a 30 second video, you can only tag 10 Hilights.

There are more details and “how to’s” in this video that goes along with the blog post. Leave me any questions or comments below!