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Solid beige / tan / wheat pillow cover made with medium weight cotton duck. Back envelope enclosure is in the same fabric and color. This neutral tone easily blends in with every room. X-large for a big sofa or floor size insert. Chocolate Brown Faux cusion cover I create all of my pillow covers with specially selected, high quality home decor textiles - each one professionally finished. Additional quantities available.....please contact me for your special order.
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We are all familiar with that all-beige room that was meant to be a neutral canvas for our decorating dreams. Far too often, that room has stayed too beige, too long. With some colorful chocolate brown cushion covers and a basic sewing machine, you can banish that beige to the background where it belongs, and make your interior space sing with color!
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chocolate brown cushion covers curtainsandcurtains com/images/magictoolbox_cache/dd6b6cfc02e1715d9cb0915c3f4a72c2/17630/selector75x95/b56a1af9e3fa62a7951144636de966b9 jpg

Federal Employee Profile — Jesse Brown

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Jesse Brown

Title:Medical Records Technician

Agency: Armed Forces Retirement Home

In 2018, Jesse Brown was a Medical Records Technician at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Jesse Brown is a GS-05 under the general schedule payscale.

YearOccupationPaygradeBase SalaryBonusLocation

Employee report contains full federal employment and salary history for Jesse Brown from 2012 through 2018.

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