How To Create Your First Apparel Sample

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New to the development process? Need Help developing your first samples?

Create Your Samples. After you have put together your designs, check out Maker’s Row for nearly 10,000 factories with capabilities in sampling and production. If you want detailed instructions through the pre-production and production processes, pre-register for our Prototyping 101, and register for our Production 101 and Sourcing 101 courses. There are more than half a million new small businesses every year. One way to make an impression when you first open is with a grand opening event. But for a brand-new retailer without an existing customer base, spreading the word and generating excitement for the event poses a challenge. Social media is one way to build buzz and attract customers to your new store. Almost all (91%) retailers.

WHO IS IT FOR: This workshop is geared towards anyone who is intended to or in the process of developing first samples of their fashion products (clothing, accessories, jewelry etc.).

In this workshop you will learn::

Open the sample file provided with this tutorial. Alternatively, launch Illustrator and click the Create new button or press Control+N (Windows) or Command+N (macOS). Select the Print tab, click the Letter preset, and then click Create. This opens a new document with the correct color mode and resolution for printing. This data is essential to develop your business. You can create a new product of your apparel business based on this data. The database can be used to analyze deeper about your business. Customize Regularly the template; To make the apparel order form template looking fresh, you need to customize it regularly. You can change some components to.

How To Create Your First Apparel Samples

  • A step by step program of all the stages to make you first sample.
  • How big your line should be and what pieces should your line include.
  • How to source materials.
  • Tips and strategies to make your development process easier, cheaper and faster.

What is the workshop include:

How To Create Your First Apparel Sample Making

  • 90+ minutes workshop – In these 90 minutes Boaz David will walk you through his 9 steps program with all the ins and outs of sourcing and developing your first samples.
  • FREE development and production forms package ($75 Value) – These are easy to use forms and templates that Boaz developed. It includes 7 forms to help you look and act like a pro in the process. Everything from Cost sheet, Cut ticket, Spec sheet, Purchase order and more.

This workshop is jam-packed with all the info you'll ever need for your development process. Listen to it as many times as you need and save yourself lots of time, money and frustration!

'The workshop was totally informative. You rock Boaz' Christina Fillipo

How To Create Your First Apparel Sample

' Thank you so much for the workshop, very informative and encouraging'! Framkees Samad, Frankie Samad Designs

'Boaz David's course, 9 Steps to First Sample, is a straight forward, easy to follow and comprehensive course on getting your first sample made. Boaz shares his wealth of industry experience and takes you through each step of the process with concise, action-oriented guidance that empowers new design entrepreneurs with the know-how and information needed to accomplish the important component of the design process. In addition to the invaluable information Boaz shares, he also provides practical, functional worksheets that help drive efficiency and help to streamline the sample-making process. My only regret is not taking this course sooner. Nonetheless, the course has provided me with the essential knowledge and tools I need going forward. If you are a new design entrepreneur and want to gain insight on this process, you absolutely, positively, must take this course. You will NOT regret it!!! Kimberly Shamsiddin, Shamswear


'Working with Boaz has been instrumental in developing my product line. I had been spinning my wheels for months trying to find the right places for sourcing and producing my line. He is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry and savvy in NYC's garment district. He was proficient in helping me with sourcing, costing and finding the best pattern maker and a factory to make my product. I am so pleased with the the progress of my line and feel fortunate to be working with Boaz' Erin Cormier, Paxton 1345

How To Create Your First Apparel Sample Maker

'I am so grateful to find resources out there that give a realistic picture of what is involved in launching a successful line' Beth Drummond, Sweet Pea and Lily