How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity

  1. Your logo is the last of the visual elements you’ll need to invest some time in. The good news is that you’ve already done most of the legwork: You’ve defined your brand’s identity. You’ve given your business a name. You’ve selected the main visual components that will represent your brand: colors, fonts, and images.
  2. After months working on the branding process, we developed a dynamic identity system consisting of a logo, modular grid, typography and icon set. Over the following steps we walk through the techniques involved in the process, which you can then apply to your own identity projects.
  3. Why Custom Logo Design is Integral for Your Brand Identity and Business Boost January 19, 2021 by Shahbaz Ahmed Leave a Comment A brand with a logo has more chances to grow than one without a logo.

A well designed logo can create a positive impression on your personal brand. Related: Top 11 Tips To Take The Perfect Profile Photo with Example Portraits Clearly communicate the value to you.


To begin with, let’s get started with a couple of interesting logo design statistics.

  • According to an article published on HubSpot, after reaching a company’s website through referral sites, around 36% of online visitors click company’s logo to land on the homepage.
  • An article published on Shopify reveals 95% of the leading brands use one or two colors in their logos.

A logo is more than design; it is the face of your business. In simple terms, it portrays your company in the marketplace.

Professional logo helps you make your business look unique and recognizable. The first thing a potential customer after landing on your web page will notice is your brand logo because they often use it to revisit your home page. However, the fact is whether you talk about online or offline; your customers notice your logo first.


Therefore, getting your logo designed by an experienced logo design company is crucial to your business. An outstanding logo helps you leave a lasting impression in the marketplace and on the minds of potential prospects.

However, while outsourcing your logo design project to a professional logo design company, you have to be sure to:

The features mentioned above are the elements of a brilliant logo design.

Now, let’s explore the 5 ways logo design can boost your brand.

A Logo Boosts Brand Awareness & Recognition

Selling your products and services in the market would be challenging until your target audience recognizes your brand. Buyers may ignore your business if your logo is not good enough at grabbing their eyeballs.

That is why you need an appealing logo to make your brand easy to recognize. For this, leverage a logo design company to get your professional logo designed. Once your potential buyers get affiliated with your brand, they will immediately notice when they see your logo.

What many smart business owners do, they start using their logo in every graphic, video, and content they use for online marketing which is a good technique to increase recognition in the digital marketplace. So, a logo can boost your business by making you noticeable.

A powerful example of brand awareness via logo is Band-Aid. Do you ever ask the chemist for a bandage or you simply tell him to give you a Band-Aid? The brand awareness is so powerful that as soon you think of a bandage, this image of a red logo pops in your mind.

An Appealing Logo Works like a Super Magnet to Attract Audience

Attracting potential customers is crucial to every business because it has a direct influence on your sales and revenue. Do not worry because a nicely designed logo works like a super magnet that can pull a huge crowd towards your brand.

A logo is something that defines the objective of business. An appealing logo with a catchy slogan (brand tagline) is more than enough to attract your target audience because logos have the ability to trigger strong human emotions. The best example to consider is KFC and its famous slogan “It’s finger lickin’ good!”

A Professional Logo Gives You a Competitive Advantage over Competitors

How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity Protection

Customers love spending their hard-earned money on something that looks classy. So, they can be selective and discriminating when it comes to considering your product or services. The reason is buyers notice logo in the first place.

So, if your logo is not professional, then it would be difficult for you to remain competitive in the marketplace and attract your potential buyers. In simple words, it can impact your sales. However, you can successfully turn things in your favor if you use a professional logo.

A Logo Helps in Building Credibility

The main purpose of having a good logo is to convey a message about your brand. At surface level, a logo depicts raw information about products/services you offer. But, on a deeper level, it is something that helps you promote your business in all aspects.

Credibility means customers; it is as simple as that. If you are not credible in the market, no one will take any interest in doing business with you. A professional logo helps you gain visibility and brings potential audience whom you can serve to establish yourself as a credible business of your domain.

The credibility of Coca-Cola’s Logo is such that shop owners put it in from of their shops to make themselves seem authentic suppliers of the product.

A Logo Helps You Mark the Difference


The Name is a big thing as the entire war happening in the digital space is just to obtain a unique position in their niche. Today, every brand is putting many efforts to seek attention, and having an enticing logo can help you achieve that spot.

However, while contracting your project for logo design, make sure the logo design company believes in creativity and innovation. For this, you can check their portfolio to see the samples.



So, the points mentioned above explain how a logo can boost your brand. What do you think? Is a logo crucial for a brand to be impactful in the marketplace? Well, for a majority of business owners, it works! Share your comments below!

How to Ensure Your Logo Design Boosts Your Branding

Logos are everywhere. Global corporations have them. Medium sized companies have them. Small businesses have them. Logos help with branding and marketing a company as well as creating an easily recognisable identity.

How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity Change

But simply having a logo isn’t enough, especially if it is poorly designed and has no impact when seen. It must be designed and created so that it is effective in promoting your brand in all manner of ways and mediums.

The first step in designing an effective logo has nothing to do with graphics or text. It is research, both internal and external. Identify what you want your company branding to convey, and what its mission is all about. Also, think about the sort of customers you are targeting and what appeals to them.

How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity Authentication

Externally, look at what is working well, both within your industry, and within others for potential ideas. Never copy another company’s logo, but by all means ask your designer to adapt design elements of other logos that have proved to be successful.

The most successful and recognisable logos that exist are those that are simple and uncluttered. The principle here is that anyone looking at the logo should not have to decipher a hugely complex graphical design. Logos are not created to win abstract art competitions so bear this in mind.

How To Design A Logo That Boosts Your Brand Identity Theft

Using text within the logo design is fine, as long as what’s written is succinct and easily read. It could be a short marketing message, the company name or a motto for example. Bear in mind one of the most important aspects of your logo is that it should be memorable. If someone seeing it is required to memorize a large chunk of text, it will happen, but for all the wrong reasons.

If you are going to use text it is good practice to use a font that can be read easily. Script fonts that look like handwriting should be avoided as these can be very difficult to decipher compared to more basic fonts.

Your logo also needs to be adaptable so it can be seen properly on all mediums. Although it may look fine on your computer screen, consider how it might appear on other items such as headed paper, advertising images, product packaging and even promotional materials such as pens, t-shirts and coffee mugs. By carefully selecting the size, font, colours and styling at the outset to ensure your logo will work in all circumstances, you will save yourself a lot of time and expense by it not having to be redesigned later.

Finally, you want your logo to be unique so that it identifies your business and your business alone. If it is too similar to other companies, especially within your niche, then customers are going to be confused.