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Product: Envy 5530 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit) After uninstalling and reinstalling the Envy 5530 from my laptop to resolve a connectivity issue, I no longer find the option for double sided printing.

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How do I enable scan to computer in HP Envy 5530?


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Although there is no rocket science on the use and operation of support for an envy printer, it needs proper guidance either through the user manual or through some expert tech support. We saw that sometime after getting a printer people to get stuck because they don’t have the user manual with them or they don’t have access to the printer technicians in their contact. That’s why we created a platform to provide you with the best envy support services, so you can easily overcome your printer problems.

First, you’ll have to have the full feature software installed on your Windows 8 computer for your printer. HP Software-HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One Printer Series Full Feature Applications and Drivers can be downloaded and installed here

When the program is installed on device Windows 8. You should have an HP ENVY 5530 Series icon on your Desktop. (If you don’t have a Desktop icon, just go to the Start screen and start typing “HP Envy” and it will come up)

The steps to allow Scan to Computer are as follows:

  • Double-clicking the HP ENVY 5530 series icon on your desktop. The assistant printer will open.
  • Click Scan to Computer under Scan.
  • If scanning to machine is already enabled. Select Disable, and then re-enable.
  • Retry out the printer check.

Note: Simply start the scan from your screen, too. The printer assistant will provide you with more options for tailoring your scan.

If the machine scan is not allowed, or if after allowed it still does not operate, attempt a network power reset. Let’s leave the router on and unplug the power cable (NOTE: Do not reset the router), do the same with the printer, then shut down the device. Move the router back in after a full minute, wait for it to completely power up, then plug the printer back in and wait until the wireless light is strong. When both router and printer are on, go ahead and turn back on the machine. Doing so will refresh link to the network.

Essential tips to scan to computer for hp envy5530:

  1. Turn your computer’s Wi-Fi network option on.
  2. Switch the printer on.
  3. Get the HP printer mounted on your machine online.
  4. After the installation process is complete, go to the control panel and check for the devices and printer option.
  5. Get the HP Envy printer model on your system which is 5530.
  6. Once you have clicked the option, you’ll get the scan and another option at the top of your monitor.
  7. You must preview the image and the size to it before starting scanning.
  8. (You must size the image along with the borders to avoid any deduction of the size of the image)
  9. Could you start scanning now.

For your HP Envy 5530, this is the easiest and simplest steps to take to get the scan enabled on your computer. We’re here to provide you with any other kind of printer support for your HP Envy. All you need to do is call us on our customer care phone number of our printer support service. This number is free of charge and available for your use 24 hours a day. Our technical support team will help you resolve your issues with the printers in the best way possible.


This page will tell you about the first setup steps for the HP Envy 5530 Test.

  1. First, visit the downloads page of HP customer-user and driver to download the driver and software to enter your printer model number.
  2. Then, select download next to the complete driver app.
    1. Select the program to install and suggest HP scan to connect the printer stick to the guided setup instructions.
  3. Second, close the scanner lid after the paper has been put or the side that has a picture printed down the scanner window.
  4. Most types of printers have a scan button or a scan menu. Next, select the name of your machine and the type of job to search. Upon completion of scanning process. Instead, to open the folder and save the scan, return the machine and you can show the scan to open the file.
  5. If you want additional scan functions or you don’t have a scan button in your printer then continue with the following scan steps.
  6. Search for HP and choose the name of your printer model from the results to open HP Windows Printer Assistant.
  7. First, to open HP scan select Scan a document or picture.
  8. Next, pick the shortcut that provides the type of file you want and the corresponding action.
  1. Then, to manage these moves and save the scans.
    1. Preview and edit scan: After scanning click the Show Scan Preview or Show Viewer to make the scan adjustments.
    2. Change save location of scan: Choose Advanced Settings or more, press Destination and choose Browse next to Save Tab, or Save Location.

Eventually, to save the settings, pick Ok or Save button.

Scanning documents or photos into the computer

  1. Download the software and driver visit the download page of HP customer service software and driver and enter the printer model. Option to add the next to the full function driver under the installation tab for Driver-Product.
  2. Connect the printer stick to the setup instructions, and select the installation software and recommend HP.
  3. Loading your document or picture in the scanner glass, document feeder slot or in the automatic document feeder is dependent on your printer form and features.
  4. Check your HP in windows and select the name of your printer model to open HP Printer Assistant, and pick a text or photo scan to open HP scan.

Now, pick the shortcut that fits the type of file and the corresponding action you like, and make the appropriate adjustments in the right pane, and press scan.

Hp envy 5530 user manual

HP Envy 5530 Scan:

Saving multi-page documents or multiple photos as a single PDF file


Ensure you have Adobe Reader software installed on your computer before you use HP scan software to save multiple pages or photos as a PDF file.

  1. To search a text or a picture in 1 PDF file for multipage.
    1. Using PDF document based shortcuts, save several images into one file.
    2. 300 DPI or lower Resolution settings.
  2. Scan HP in windows, and pick your printer model from the results to open HP Printer Assistant.
  3. In the HP scan, pick save as PDF or document to file.
  4. Then select Save if the ADF scans your pages, all the pages are automatically saved into a single folder.
  5. Now, put the next page or picture on the glass and press the plus button to check the next object in the HP screen preview window. Repeat this cycle before scanning of all pages and images.
  6. Use the filename and folder you want the sample to be stored in.

HP Envy 5530 Scan Connection error displays

If there is a connection or communication error when attempting to search, there could be a network problem, program installation failure or the printer is in error condition.

Network scanner connection error

Failure in contact or link indicates when the device or the scanner is not identified. Follow those steps to solve the problem.

  • Now, verify that the problem is about printing.
  • Then restart the unit, and test driver scan settings.
  • Additionally, check network and print link status.
  • Now, run the scan for print and doctor.
  • Then, uninstall the program for the printer.
  • Now, get the HP program reinstalled.
  • Often, check windows image acquisition settings.
  • Eventually, momentarily disable the Firewall program.

If there is an error in USB link, take these steps to fix the issues.

  • Now, restart your machine and your printer.
  • To test connection to the USB.
  • Then, run the doctor for print and check.
  • Now, uninstall the program for the printer.
  • Search also for printer devices that have been mounted.
  • Instead, the HP applications reinstall.
  • Now, test the Acquisition Settings for Windows Image.
The HP ENVY 5530 All-in-One is designed for home and office users looking for a web-enabled, wireless e-All-in-One for creative projects and photo print with easy setup and also benefit from the simple copy and scan capabilities. Print lab-quality photos and crisp documents with this stylish and affordable wireless e-All-in-One. Print from virtually anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or internet-enabled PC. Create lab-quality borderless photos with vibrant colors and print crisp, laser-quality documents. With easy-to-use copy and color scanning capabilities, you can more easily share photos and capture documents easily. Time savings and less paperwork due to automatic two-sided printing and copying. With the optional high-capacity HP 301XL cartridges, lower costs per page compared to HP 301 Original ink cartridges with the standard range you can print and copy more documents and save money.

Hp 5530 Manual

HP ENVY 5530 Manual
No matter where you are right now, with your smartphone, tablet or PC with internet connection, With HP ENVY 5530 you can print wirelessly virtually anywhere. Scan photos, documents and more with HP Printer Control directly to your mobile device. Control the printing, scanning and copying functions directly from your Apple iPhone or iPad. Take advantage of a fast, easy connection to your wireless network - via HP Auto Wireless Connect. View, select and print photos directly via the LCD touch screen with memory card slots. Get HP Printables for news, creatives and more directly to your printer. More time to create documents and shorter waiting times thanks to the higher print speed. HP ENVY 5530 is the compact format and top design looks good everywhere and designed for sustainability save energy with an ENERGY STAR certified all-in-one.

Hp Envy 5530 Manual

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