Impact On Wildlifemacquarie Island

Impact of Wildlife Gardens Private residential property makes up approximately one-third of the urban landscape and studies show that the impact of wildlife gardening is substantial. Stephenson, Leslie Houghton and Tasmania.Dept. Of Lands, Parks and Wildlife.Macquarie Island Nature Reserve: draft manag 1990, 'Macquarie Island Nature Reserve: a philosophical approach to ecosystem conservation and the management of human impact', Unspecified thesis, University of Tasmania.

Impact On Wildlifemacquarie Islands

7 April 2014
Matthew Groom, Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage

TheMacquarie Island Pest Eradication project has been declared a success.

Impact On Wildlifemacquarie Island

Theproject to eradicate rabbits and rodents from Macquarie Island is aconservation achievement of worldwide significance.

TheMinister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, Matthew Groom said a rigorousmonitoring program, which followed baiting, had not detected a rabbit, rat ormouse in more than two years.

'Theprogram is the world's largest island eradication for these three pest speciesand it has been an unqualified success,' Mr Groom said.

'In2007, the Australian and Tasmanian Governments announced they would jointlyfund the $25 million project to eradicate rabbits, rats and mice from the WorldHeritage listed island.

'Australiacan rightly be very proud of this outstanding result. It is exciting to see anecosystem which suffered significant degradation due to pest species for morethan 100 years, firmly on the road to recovery.

'Pesteradication is costly, as it requires the removal of every last individual of aspecies, but in the long run is far cheaper than ongoing pest control.'

MrGroom said the island's considerable size of 12,785 hectares, and its location1500 kilometres southeast of Tasmania in the sub-Antarctic, presentedincredible logistical challenges.

'Meticulousplanning was required to meet these challenges and to minimise the impact onnon-target species,' Mr Groom said.


'Theproject's success has been an incredible feat of persistence and dedication bythe hunters and dog handlers from the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service.'

'Theyhave scoured the island intensively, walking 90,000 km, more than twotimes the earth's circumference, in their efforts to locate any survivingindividual pests.'

'Whileit may take a decade or more for the island's ecosystem to achieve equilibriumfollowing the removal of the pest species, there are already significant signsof recovery in terms of vegetation and bird species.

'Itwas expected that up to 24 bird species will benefit from the eradicationproject, and signs of increased breeding success of some species areencouraging.'

MrGroom said biosecurity measures for all shipping to the island have beenimproved in a joint program between the Australian Antarctic Division and theParks and Wildlife Service.


The Parks andWildlife Service's Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Team will arrive in Hobarttoday, Monday, 7 April 2014.

Environment,Parks and Heritage Minister Matthew Groom will welcome the team of 13 which includesproject staff, hunters and dog handlers, plus 11 dogs.

TheL'Astrolabe will arrive at Macquarie Wharf 3 at 6.00pm.

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News crewsare requested to be on site at 5.30pm for clearance to the wharf. Please wearappropriate clothing and enclosed footwear (no open sandals).

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