Introducing The All New Weebly

Introducing the all new weebly themes

Weebly is one of the most popular website builders on the market, and they've just unveiled the third generation of their platform.


It's called Weebly Carbon, and it's being honored with a total Weebly re-launch.

Introducing the all new weebly games

More Mobile Than Ever

According to Weebly:

Introducing an exclusive Weebly + Square integration Process payments quickly and securely from your Weebly online store and in person. Sign up for Square today and receive fee-free processing on your first $500 of payments accepted online.

Introducing The All New Weebly

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“Carbon is a complete relaunch of the Weebly platform that delivers a new line up of services to help both seasoned and budding entrepreneurs create, build and grow their business and eCommerce store from any device, anywhere.”

With brand new iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Android apps, Weebly Carbon puts the total power of Weebly into mobile, enabling users to design websites from the ground up, entirely from a smartphone or tablet.

Updates to Weebly's Dashboard also mean that Weebly users and merchants can get a quick insight into traffic, sales and a number of other useful metrics.

New Responsive Templates & A New App Center

Introducing The All New Weebly Theme

A brand new App Center gives entrepreneurs easy access to dynamic apps that integrate directly into the Weebly editor to help them through hurdles like getting found on search engines, international shipping, funding, marketing, text message enabled customer support and social media integration.

Further to these apps, Weebly has rolled out new responsive templates, and has also given their users the ability to “try on” any theme for free in order to change the look of their site in seconds – all while preserving their content.

Weebly's CEO and Founder, David Rusenko, made the following comments regarding Weebly Carbon:

“Weebly Carbon will give a business of any size, or entrepreneur of any age, a complete platform to build their business like never before and the flexibility to do it from anywhere.

Introducing The All New Weebly

We believe the trifecta of beautiful design, ease of use and unprecedented mobile access is the future of small business.”

To find out more, visit Weebly website.

Introducing The All New Weebly Themes

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