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Invitations updates

A Sample Formal Invitation. The best approach for event planners is to establish a standard format, then update the specifics depending on the actual event. The invitation should contain the following information. Update Invitation The UpdateInvitation method can be utilized to update an already created invitation. The method requires that you have already retrieved an InvitationData object from the GetInvitation method documented above. You need to ensure that the message body contains the auto tracking link for your invitation and survey.


With ProtonCalendar, you can invite anyone to an event you created by adding them as participants and sending invitations. You can later change the event details and update the invitation.

Note: ProtonCalendar is a product in beta currently available to Plus, Professional, Visionary, and Lifetime users.

Learn how to add someone as a participant to a new event or to an existing event in Proton Calendar.

Once you’ve sent the invitations to your event, you can change the details of your event.

All participants will immediately receive an email notification with the new event details (changing the Notifications section of an event won’t trigger such these updates).

If you change the time or location of the event, the participants will also have to confirm these new details.


Invitations Update Microsoft

Updating an invitation by adding more participants or removing them will notify only the affected participants.

In case you are using multiple calendars in your Proton Calendar, please note that once you’ve added participants to an event, you can’t change the calendar you’ve added them to.

Canceling an event

189 Invitations Update

Canceling an event is possible after adding participants. If you cancel the event after sending the invitations, all participants will receive an email to inform them of the cancelation.