Key Benefits Of Email Marketing

Direct mail is a thriving marketing channel. The $44-billion industry has been on the rise for the past 10 years and direct mail marketing statistics show the benefits of direct mail marketing only continuing to grow—by billions of dollars each year. Over 80% of marketing executives plan to maintain or increase their usage this year. Email marketing solutions should help an ecommerce marketer automate common messages or campaigns, service shoppers using mobile devices, deal with list maintenance, and more. Every email service provider (ESP) offers a basic set of features and functions, including the ability to send bulk email messages; some form of layout or template system. Another benefit of email marketing is that it gives you the metrics you need to see how your campaign emails are performing. These insights help you market smarter, and also give you the advantage of better understanding the needs and interests of your customer base. “Email has definitely helped us with web traffic and attendance at our events. The apparent benefits of a great marketing strategy are increased sales. But it’s the not-so-obvious benefits that can mean real, lasting success for a business. Video email provides key benefits that improve not only your profits but your image as well. 1) That Polished Look.

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy that allows you to send emails and develop relationships with prospects and customers. It can convert prospects into customers and turn new buyers into recurring customers. The primary advantage of email marketing is that you can automate the entire process.

Here are a few advantages that are associated with Email marketing:

Key Benefits Of Email Marketing Best Practices

Creating personalized content

Email marketing allows you to customize your campaigns and create targeted content. You can also create individualized content based on segmenting your audience to send the right email to the right customers.

Improves sales

Email marketing helps in increasing the sales of your products and services. You can feature your products and services and encourage the customers to buy them by offering special offers.

You can incorporate messages in the email marketing campaigns that encourage the audience to buy from you. You can also automate your sales process through email marketing.


Reach A Global Audience

Key Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing gives you the opportunity of connecting with audiences globally. You can send messages to people across the world, which can help you get global customers. You can reach a larger audience and easily communicate with brand ambassadors.

Generate traffic to your site

Email marketing campaigns let you send traffic to your site and improve your search engine optimization (SEO) results along with keeping your audience engaged with your brand. When you are creating an email that contains a link to your website, you need to make sure that you add a call to action (CTA).

Deliver Targeted Messages

With email marketing, you can segment your customers into different lists based on the preferences to send personalized content. You can choose the suitable subject line and images that resonate with your customer and select valuable content that helps in driving the sales and inviting traffic.


Increasing leads

Email marketing is useful in nurturing leads and improving conversions. In the same way that you improve your sales, you can also increase your leads through the process.

Email marketing campaigns also help you in qualifying leads so that your sales team does not have to waste their time on bad leads.


Key Benefits Of Email Marketing Campaigns

Drive Revenue

With email marketing, you can take advantage of impulse buying. It is one of the few marketing platforms in which a customer can go from seeing an offer to directly buying the product with just a couple of clicks. The goal of any business is to increase sales, and therefore, revenue and email marketing allows you to drive revenue for your business.

Build credibility of the business

To build credibility for your business, you must be able to communicate with your customers, and email marketing rightfully does that for your brand. Through email marketing, you can maintain consistency with your content and objectify the information that your customers will appreciate, thus building your business’s credibility.

Easy to measure

After the emails have been sent out to the prospects, you are left with ample campaign reports. Click-through rates (CTRs) measure the email campaigns’ value by giving you reports on the percentage of clicks from your readers on the email. This gives you a clear knowledge about the performance of your campaigns.

Key Benefits Of Email Marketing Services

Low Costs

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies as it allows you to send multiple emails with just one click and that too at a low price. This feature makes email marketing highly beneficial for small businesses.

Key Benefits Of Email Marketing Consultant

These were some of the best benefits you can enjoy through email marketing.

The apparent benefits of a great marketing strategy are increased sales.
But it’s the not-so-obvious benefits that can mean real, lasting success for a business. Video email provides key benefits that improve not only your profits but your image as well.
1) That Polished Look. Your emails have a more professional appearance when using video. Add a custom template designed with your business branding to complete the ‘polished’ look for your email communications.
2) The Circle Widens. Video emails generate a lot of interest and are often forwarded. The viral effect exposes larger audiences to your business and what it offers with no extra effort on your part.
3) Real-Time Reporting. You can track the success of your videos to see how effective your marketing dollars are being used. Get immediate notification of viewed videos for on-the-spot follow-ups.
4) The Video is Just the Beginning. Links around the video screen offer viewers more information about your business and create additional marketing opportunities for you.
5) Calling All CRM’s. If you have a CRM system make it even better by linking a video to your regular text email campaigns. The added WOW of video gets results that cannot be duplicated by standard text emails.
6) Always On Their Mind. Video email is a great way to achieve Top of Mind Awareness in your prospects. By sending regular, consistent, branded messages you create the familiarity that, in turn, builds credibility and trust. Once-gained this is a most valuable marketing benefit!
7) Referrals, Referrals. Once you accomplish Item #6 referrals are bound to follow. Word of mouth referrals should never be under-estimated.
8) Long-Term Benefits. Video email marketing helps you establish and maintain solid relationships with your customers. Their loyalty, once secured, often lasts a lifetime. Businesses that practice relational marketing are frequently rewarded with long-term benefits.
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