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He’s got kids, I got a kid. It’s one of those!” Thicke, 40, and Patton worked out a custody arrangement for Julian last year, around the same time Thicke’s current girlfriend April Love. Jean Gordon, left, was found dead in a gas-filled apartment after Gen. Patton’s funeral. Patton, right, at his last news conference on May 21, 1945, at his headquarters in Germany. Patton Oswalt's first wife, Michelle McNamara, died unexpectedly in 2016 due to a combination of prescription drugs and a previously undiagnosed condition.

Principal's Message


Welcome to Patton Elementary home of the Patton Patriots! I am very proud of our students and staff here at Patton. This year we have received the California Distinguished School Award. The school was recognized for academic excellence! The staff and I are committed to providing our students with the academic skills and personal skills that lead to lifelong success.

We have the Gifted and Talented Program (GATE) here at Patton. GATE-identified students are placed with their academic peers in classrooms with teachers trained in GATE instructional practices and strategies on how to support their unique social-emotional needs.


At Patton we strongly believe in educating the whole child through opportunities in the Arts and advanced studies. Over the last two years the students have participated in Seussical and Peter Pan. This year our production was Lion King. There are over one hundred students, teachers, and parents involved in our production. In addition, we offer after-school programs, including Running Club, Book Club, Academic Chess, and Robotics.

Part of Patton’s success is the wonderful parent involvement. We have several parents who volunteer their time inside and outside the classrooms to support our school. We have fantastic Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA funds the fieldtrips, assemblies, technology, planners, classroom supplies, and many more other items for our school. They also put on fun events such as the Carnival, Family Nights, and the Walk-A-Thon.

It is my belief that schools and families must work together as partners to ensure the success of our students. I look forward to continuing this partnership with you. To all our new families, please feel free to stop by and introduce yourselves.



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Jennifer Carter, Principal