Learn To Fly Idle

Learn to Fly Idle by lightbringer777. Current rating: 4.26171. Log in to rate this game. Instructions Click to aim and fire your cannon. Upgrade your range. Action Games Idle. Learn to Fly is a game where you had to make a penguin fly as far as possible and which was one of the precursors of upgrade games. He's back today to surrender to the idle fashion, these games like 'Cookie Clicker' where your only goal is to increase a unity to infinity.

Learn to Fly Idle

Play Online: Learn to Fly Idle
Developer: Light Bringer Games
Genre: Upgrades, Simulation
Learn to Fly Idle Guide
List of Upgrades in Learn to Fly Idle
Launching Power - Throw stuff farther.
Base Damage - Destroy stuff faster.
Max Shots - Fire more shots at the same time.
Auto-Fire - Fire Without clicking!
List of Research in Learn to Fly Idle
Damage Multiplier - Increase your base damage.
Bullet Travel Speed - Increase how fast bullets move. (does not affect range)
Space Folding - Reduce the distance between you and your target.
Upgrade Cost Reduction - Reduce the cost of basic upgrades. (does not affect research)
Faster Research Points - Increase the rate at which you get Research Points.
List of Stuff in Learn to Fly Idle
Snowman - Health: 4 Distance: 300 Worth: 1
Snow Bank - Health: 10 Distance: 500 Worth: 10
Ice Boulder - Health: 25 Distance: 600 Worth: 30
El Sombrero - Health: 80 Distance: 750 Worth: 200
Frozen Dodo - Health: 330 Distance: 800 Worth: 825
Ice Block - Health: 1,400 Distance: 1,050 Worth: 3,500
Mysterious Snow - Health: 5,900 Distance: 1,300 Worth: 14,750
Fedora Snowman - Health: 26,000 Distance: 1,450 Worth: 65,000
Learn To Fly IdleIce Cream Stand - Health: 110,000 Distance: 1,750 Worth: 275,000
Baby Snow Bank - Health: 460,000 Distance: 1,900 Worth: 1,225,000
Bigger Boulder - Health: 2,100,000 Distance: 2,150 Worth: 5,250,000
Slushman - Health: 9,400,000 Distance: 2,350 Worth: 23,500,000
Mr.Snowpile - Health: 41,000,000 Distance: 2,900 Worth: 102,500,000
Lies - Health: 180,000,000 Distance: 3,250 Worth: 450,000,000
Dodo Hero - Health: 810,000,000 Distance: 3,400 Worth: 2,025,000,000
Supersized Snowman - Health: 3,600,000,000 Distance: 3,600 Worth: 9,000,000,000
Monolith - Health: 16,000,000,000 Distance: 3,750 Worth: 40,000,000,000
Ice Factory - Health: 71,000,000,000 Distance: 4,200 Worth: 177,500,000,000
Snow Master - Health: 320,000,000,000 Distance: 4,850 Worth: 800,000,000,000
FlyIceberg - Health: 1,400,000,000k Distance: 5,000 Worth: 3,500G
Mountain - Health: 6,400,000,000k Distance: 5,375 Worth: 16,000G
Dodo Colossus - Health: 29,000,000,000k Distance: 5,850 Worth: 72,500G
Ice Corp - Health: 130,000,000,000k Distance: 6,300 Worth: 325,000G
Big Berg - Health: 580,000,000,000k Distance: 6,600 Worth: 1,450,000G
Ice-Borg - Health: 2,600,000,000M Distance: 7,150 Worth: 6,500,000G
Bigger Berg - Health: 12,000,000,000M Distance: 7,800 Worth: 30,000,000G
The Wall - Health: 53,000,000,000M Distance: 8,600 Worth: 132,500,000G
The Moon - Health: 240,000,000,000M Distance: 16,500 Worth: 600,000,000G
Dodolith - Health: 1,100,000,000G Distance: 18,000 Worth: 2,750,000,000G
Frozen Planet - Health: 5,000,000,000G Distance: 20,500 Worth: 12,500,000,000G
Frozen Moon - Health: 23,000,000,000G Distance: 22,000 Worth: 57,500,000,000G
Hoth - Health: 100,000,000,000G Distance: 25,000 Worth: 250,000,000,000G
Dodo Homeworld - Health: 470,000,000,000G Distance: 28,500 Worth: 1,175E
Dodo Homeworld 2 - Health: 2,100,000,000T Distance: 33,000 Worth: 5,250E
Dodo Homeworld 3 - Health: 9,800,000,000T Distance: 44,000 Worth: 24,500E
Dodo Homeworld 4 - Health: 45,000,000,000T Distance: 52,000 Worth: 112,500E
Dodo Homeworld 5 - Health: 210,000,000,000T Distance: 64,000 Worth: 525,000E
Dodo Homeworld 666 - Health: 66,666,666,666P Distance: 85,000 Worth: 66,666,666E
Recommended Build for Learn to Fly Idle
Note: Do not upgrade Max Shots after 20.
1. Buy the cheapest upgrade.
2. Repeat!
1. Faster Research Points x100
2. Bullet Travel Speed x100
3. Upgrade Cost Reduction x100
4. Damage Multiplier x100
5. Space Folding x100
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In Learn to Fly Idle, destroying stuff is a real business for the penguins. As far as I'm concerned, is this how the dodo became extinct? Jokes aside first. For me, my strategy for upgrades is to purchase the cheapest ones first. However, I would prioritize upgrades like Base Damage and Auto-Fire in the later part of the game, just to increase my income. It's not a must but, only with money you can buy upgrades right? Then for research, I actually went for Faster Research Points first. Same logic as the previous; only with more research points, then you can research more.
After the completing the game, I realize I've got 35 Max Shots and I can barely pull 20 off clicking as fast as I can. It was like this throughout most of the game. My conclusion was do not upgrade Max Shots after 20. Anything more will be useless and waste of money. Trust me! :P

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: Don't break your mouse! Use space and mouse.