Legend Of Hand Is Now Also Available On Game Jolt!

One Thing That most great games have in common is the absence of an extremely annoying, and nauseatingly vocal, faerie cursor. It's a supreme example of an attempt to verbally flagellate the player, and what with the rage it makes you feel, it's hard to remember that Legend: Hand of God is actually the very definition of average.

With a plot as templated as any Steven Seagal movie, only with fewer snapping limbs and crushed throats, Legend plods along like the sub-Diablo clone that it is. As the hero, who sports an out-of-place American accent, your job is to recover the three shards of the Hand of God, a mystical talisman that can be used to defeat the supreme evil. And so on.

  • Games that have dominated Game Of The Year lists like last year’s Hades, the League of Legends spin-off RPG in this list, titles made by one person like Lucas Pope’s Return of the Obra Dinn — these all constitute indie games. It’s a perpetually growing and exciting space that is a joy to follow.
  • Unfortunately, developer Master Creating’s attempt to both innovate and satisfy tradition has been waylaid by flaws in Legend: Hand of God’s design and execution. Repetitive battles, dull maps, no multiplayer, and some serious bugs make Legend a less than optimal choice to kill a couple dozen hours between now and the still depressingly far.
  • After coming to Game Pass for Console and Android last month, the deck-building rogue-lite Neoverse will also be available for subscribers on PC. The game requires strategy and skill to master, and features three unique characters with different playstyles, plus enough cards and monsters to keep the game fresh.
  • CHROMATOSE is a 2D Visual Novel/Roleplay Game with emphasis on meaningful decisions, character relationships, and a compelling overarching story. You've awakened in a strange nightmare after a fall that should have ended your life. Around you are amnesiac strangers who are also trapped in this world for their own unique reasons.
Legend of hand is now also available on game jolt game

Versus Evil and Breadcrumbs Interactive’s Yaga is now available on Steam, GOG.com, and the Humble Store for $24.99, with a 40% launch discount. The game was previously released for PC via the Epic Games Store and is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS via the Apple.

For the undemanding player, there is all one would need to wile away a few hours - a reasonable pseudo-class system, a decent amount of loot to be gathered, pleasant graphics and a relatively large game world to romp about in. Other than some niggles with the camera and the controls, it's all quite bland and inoffensive. So insipid, in fact, that it is a struggle to recall much that is actually specific about it, with even the combat being stripped down to monotonous left clicking.

When it comes down to it, there's only one thing this humble scribe will be remembering from Legend: Hand of God - and that is that bottom-slappingly awful faerie cursor.

A downloadable game for Windows

Legend of Hand tells the story of a hero on an epic quest to find the mythical Grandmaster Hand, the one man who can restore peace to a troubled world. Inspired by adventure classics, Far-East legends and martial arts beat 'em up games of the 80's and 90's, this point and click adventure will take the player on a unique journey through magical lands.
The Story
Your masters have put their trust in you to find the mythical Grandmaster Hand, an enigmatic figure who disappeared many years ago. He is the one man capable of stopping the gathering unrest that is threatening your world. To find Hand you will need to travel through four mysterious islands, finding clues and challenging their infamous masters - the so-called Fingers of Hand! The masters are experts in martial arts and finding them will be not always be easy.
Your quest will take you on an epic adventure across unique islands and weird worlds where you will meet amazing friends and terrifying foes. So many distractions await but do not forget your aim - find Grandmaster Hand to save your world and its inhabitants!
Can you reunite a troubled world? Can you find the elusive Grandmaster Hand? Your destiny awaits...

- An epic quest spanning many wonderful lands. Expect 10+ hours of game-play!
- An impressive cast of intriguing, bizarre, amusing and lovable characters. Expect to meet companions who will aid and follow you in your adventures!
- Traditional point and click adventure game elements such as puzzles, inventory system and dialogue interactions.
- Unique hand drawn graphics and animations.
- A turn-based RPG style fighting system that is easy to learn and fun to play. Learn new combat moves, increase your HP and fight enemies.
- Mini games galore!
- Animated cut scenes.
- Original soundtrack reflecting the atmosphere of the special worlds visited by the hero.

AuthorCloak and Dagger Games
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsAtmospheric, Cult Classic, Point & Click, Retro, Story Rich, Turn-Based Combat


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Development log

  • Legend of Hand v2.0 now live on itch.io
    Jun 07, 2020
  • AGS Awards 2017 - Please vote for Legend of Hand!
    Mar 12, 2018
  • Legend of Hand v1.04 update and 30% off sale!
    Dec 18, 2017



Legend Of Hand Is Now Also Available On Game Jolt Fnaf 2

Legend Of Hand Is Now Also Available On Game Jolt!

Legend Of Hand Is Now Also Available On Game Jolt Game


Legend Of Hand Is Now Also Available On Game Jolt Night

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