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Lunch and Learns are 50-minute, subject-based programs, such as Healthy Weekly Dinners or Reinventing Lunch. They can also cover deeper, more holistic topics such as Gut Health and Food for Focus. Each Lunch and Learn includes a discussion, a recipe packet and a demonstration with samples! Attendees leave inspired and with tactical tools to put what they’ve learned into practice.

Quarterly Series

The Happy Lunchbox offers numerous tips that will keep pre-schoolers through teens happy and well fed! Four weeks of menus and recipes show you how to sneak fruits, vegetables and whole grains into your child's lunch, without complaints. WELCOME TO ONE-ON-ONE, YOUR BOUTIQUE DESTINATION FOR PERSONALIZED GHOSTWRITING, BOOK DEVELOPMENT & WRITING COACH SERVICES. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL THE NUMBER BELOW OR FILL IN THE ADJACENT CONTACT FORM AND I WILL GET BACK TO YOU PROMPTLY. 401-364-3627 The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large Read More +. The power move would be the 'Happy Hour Party,' which is a shot of Powers whiskey, a pickleback, a Pony beer, and a patty melt, all for $20. Happy hour runs weekdays from 5 p.m.

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Looking to keep your employees inspired? Sign up for quarterly Lunch and Learns to give your company a seasonal boost of healthy cooking and learning. And get a discount when you commit to a four-part series!
Series suggestions include:

Healthy Home Cooking 101

Start off Strong with Breakfast, Reinventing Lunch, Healthy Weekly Dinners, and Revamping your Food Closet

This series offers basic cooking and eating concepts for busy people. We look at basic concepts of getting a healthy meal on the table, to the office and starting the day off right with breakfast. We add the bonus Revamping your Food Closet a popular segment that was featured on KARE 11 that talks about items in your pantry that you may think are healthy, but have sneaky ingredients that hold you back for achieving your health goals.


Lunch Tomorrowteach To Be Happy Hour

What the Heck is Inflammation, Sugar vs. Fat, Who is to Blame, Gut Health, and Food for Focus.


A more holistic series – In this series we put a few more pieces together focusing on how the body and mind is interconnected with the food that we eat with our lifestyle and behaviors.

Choose your own adventure

Lunch tomorrowteach to be happy hour

Select your preferred topics from our list of Lunch and Learns.

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Feed Your Family without the Fight
Gut Health
Food for Focus
What the Heck is Inflammation
Sugar vs. Fat Who is to Blame?
Healthy Weekly Dinners
Reinventing Lunch
Power Snacks
Super Food
Healthy Party Platters
Revamping Your Food Closet

#HealthyHabits for a Better Tomorrow:
Teach Our Children Well

As a parents, and caregivers, we have an immense impact on our children. They will learn a lot from our actions, so it’s up to us to show our children the good habits and behavior you have for them to adapt.

Healthy Habits for Healthy Children:

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is an important part of the day. Studies have shown that people perform better when they have breakfast. When children have a healthy breakfast their bodies will be prepared to learn and play!

Don’t Be a Couch Potato

Monkey see, monkey do. Our children will adapt our habits. If we’re active, they’ll be active. We can encourage activities that get our children moving, creating, and problem-solving. Exercise the body and the brain!

Make Eating Fun: Choose Colorful Foods

Lunch Tomorrowteach To Be Happy Birthday

Oranges, grapes, celery, carrots, tomatoes…there are so many colorful foods to choose! Make the meal colorful and easy to eat. This will encourage a diverse and healthy diet.

Lunch Tomorrowteach To Be Happy Birthday Wishes

Pick Enjoyable Activities

Engage yourself and your child with physical activities you could enjoy playing too. If you’re both having fun, then easier to do! Look for free or affordable ways to try new activities before you commit. Find friends that like to do the same things and have even more fun!

Read Every Day

Lunch Tomorrowteach To Be Happy Wishes

Bedtime is a great time to pick up a book and share in a story. Reading with our children promotes vocabulary building, and the development of their own reading skills. It’s a good time to bond and unwind from the day. Reading is relaxing, and relaxation is an essential part of health and happiness.

We hope these ideas help 🙂
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