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All work completed in class will be posted on Hapara Workspace throughout the day. All students should be reading for 20 minutes a night and also playing educational games on the class website for 20 minutes a night, even if it says, 'No Homework!'​

  1. Mid Term Exammr. Mac's Class Website Free
  2. Mid Term Exammr. Mac's Class Websites

Mid Term Exammr. Mac's Class Website Free

October 8th: Terry Fox Run Tomorrow!! Bring in a $2 donation if possible & WEAR GREEN for the Terry Fox Run!
October 7th: No Homework!
October 6th: Math- Patterning Quiz on Tuesday, Oct. 13th.
Language- ROPES Writing Quiz on Thursday, Oct. 8th

CS636 Midterm Exam, Apr. 1, 2020 NAME: ID: Open books, handouts, solutions, online information except people. Do any 5 problems, or do all 6 and I’ll count the top 5 scores. Preferably, fill in the solutions right after the problem statement in a copy of this file, expanding the area as needed. Get all of Hollywood.com's best Movies lists, news, and more. During your class period, click the link below to access Part 1 of the test. Part 2 will be given to you after on paper. A client allows computer users to access a network and use the data created by a company. For example, if i want to play an online pc game called League of Legends, then I would have to visits League's website and download their client in order to gain access to its gaming contents.

October 2nd: Math- Finish Number Patterns Worksheet.
​Language- Finish ROPES paragraph (Favourite Holiday).
October 1st: No Homework!
September 30th: Orange Shirt Day
September 29th: Wear your orange shirt tomorrow for Orange Shirt Day. Explain to a parent why we commemorate this day.
September 28th: Math- Finish Graphing Patterns (Your Turn Task) #1,2
Food Drive: Breakfast Tuesday Tomorrow!

September 24th: Math- Finish 'River Riding' coordinate graphing worksheet
Language- Finish your 'Favourite Season' writing activity.
Science: Finish 'Today's Nature Walk' worksheet.

September 23rd: Math- Finish Shape Pattern #3,4.
Religion: Finish your Samaritans on the Digital Road Assignment and submit it using Hapara Workspace.
September 22nd: Math- Finish your second shape pattern in your notebook.
Orange Shirt Day next Wednesday, Sept. 30th. Find another reason on why we commemorate Orange Shirt Day each year.
September 21st: Math- Finish Do You Remember? Review

Mid Term Exammr. Mac's Class Websites

September 18th: One random act of kindness for a member of your family.
September 17th: Find a charity or cause that you would like to help out with. Find three important facts about it.
September 16th: Please bring in headphones/earbuds for Monday, Sept. 21st.
September 15th: Please bring in signed tech. agreement.
​Please bring in signed student information verification form.

September 14th: Please bring in signed tech. agreement.
​Please bring in signed student information verification form.