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Steps to Distribute an iOS App using a Website

Mobile Website Beta-testing When creating your website with Weebly, you shouldn't have to worry about creating a separate version for mobile phones. Your visitors' experience should be amazing no matter the size of the screen they are viewing your website on. Coming soon: Star Stable Online on mobile, with an iPhone version in the pipeline! A Closed Beta will open soon in Australia, with the first wave of players testing the game and exploring Jorvik on the small screen. With seamless sync between desktop and mobile, you’ll soon be able to play Star Stable Online on the go. How do I join the beta?

New Mobile Web App in Beta Testing. If you head over to on your smartphone, you'll get to see our new mobile web app in beta testing. This new version is going to provide greater flexibility and expandability. Android & iOS are the most popular mobile OS. There are millions of application designed for these platforms that need to be tested. This course gives you information on various mobile testing techniques. It also covers mobile test automation. What should I know? The tutorials are designed for beginners who have basic knowledge of Software Testing. Alpha Testing is a type of acceptance testing; performed to identify all possible issues and bugs before releasing the final product to the end users. Alpha testing is carried out by the testers who are internal employees of the organization.

One of the challenges that exist in an iOS dev shop, is how to distribute your app to devices for Beta testing. The Ad-hoc process that Apple supplies for creating an app for distribution is well documented. But how do we actually get the app on to our devices for beta testing. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just compile our app and put the app out on a website, then someone using an iOS device could just go to the website and install the app with a tap on a link. Best of all when ever you have a new version of the app you can just upload the app to the website and the users can just reinstall. Here I’m going to show you how to do it. It should take 10 minutes from start to finish.

Overall Process

  • Get the UDID from new device using iTunes
  • Add the device to portal
  • Create a distribution profile
  • Add the device to the distribution profile
  • Synch Xcode to bring in the new profile
  • Code sign your app with the new profile
  • Build the app for archive, create the app for distribution
  • Move the app, manifest file, profile to a website (code is included below)
  • Create a link on a website pointing to app
  • Give the URL out to users
  • User goes to website with a device and installs the app by tapping on link
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Identify the UDID of the device

Open up iTunes, connect device, click on summary, click on serial number and the UDID will show up. Use the mouse to copy this. It is a long string.

Add the New Device to the Portal

Go to the website and go to the provisioning profile. Click on Devices. Click on Add Device.

Add each device under the iOS provisioning portal

Add the UDID and Name

Paste the UDID that you copied from the device and type in a name. Do this for each device that you want to register.

Create a New Distribution profile

You can edit an existing profile and then add the devices to the existing profile, but for this process I’m going to create a new profile. Note that I’m using the distribution tab of the provisioning profile setup.

I’m assuming that your development environment has a valid certificate. If your development profile in the organizer is showing “valid signing identity not found” then go to the website and follow the instructions for creating a valid certificate. You must create a certificate from the computer that you want to run or download from an existing on that has been setup. Note: Make sure that you only have one certificate in the keychain access.

Add a new profile.

Identify the devices for the profile

In the new profile, enter a name, the app ID, and then devices. These are the devices that you want to have access to your app. You only have 100 total devices per year per developer profile. Submit and the go to Xcode, and from the organizer synch and the profile will brought in.

Give name to archive and code sign

Click on the Scheme then click on edit the scheme, assign a name, push ok

Assign a name to your archive.

Go to the build settings, filter by code sign

Then Rebuild for Archive under the product menu. This will create an .ipa file.

Go to the Organizer/Archives click on the archive you created, click button DISTRIBUTE

Open Organizer to see the archives.

Click on Ad-Hoc Distribution

Choose on the distribution profile to include

Pick Distribution Profile

Save File

Create a simple website

Here is a simple website, with all contents that will enable a user to click a link.

Contents of your IPA app website.

Website Code

Mobile Website Beta Testing Laboratories

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC'-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN'''>
<!--software-package:the ipa toinstall.-->
<!--required.the asset kind.-->
<!--required.the URL of the file todownload.-->
&lt;!--required.the title todisplay during the download.--&gt;
&lt;string&gt;iOS Test App&lt;/string&gt;

Send out an email with url

If the user clicks on the link the app will be installed



Hey StarFam!

Coming soon: Star Stable Online on mobile, with an iPhone version in the pipeline! A Closed Beta will open soon in Australia, with the first wave of players testing the game and exploring Jorvik on the small screen. With seamless sync between desktop and mobile, you’ll soon be able to play Star Stable Online on the go.

How do I join the beta?

If you live in Australia, you will be able to sign up for the Closed Beta version of Star Stable Online on mobile. We will invite a number of players who have signed up to try out the Closed Beta version of the game on the iPhone. Signing up will unfortunately not guarantee you a spot, but you will of course be able to play anyway upon the full release! Here’s where Australians can sign-up! (The sign up page is only available in Australia!)

What does Closed Beta mean?

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Beta testing is done with a limited number of users to ensure the product is ready to go before launching to a broader audience. Beta testing is done in steps, while collecting feedback from the testers!

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Why is it for iPhone only?

Developing for iOS and Android is quite different, and in order for us to get started with the project we had to focus on one platform first. We’ll continue to develop Star Stable Online to work on iOS devices, but at this time we cannot say for sure if or when Star Stable Online will be making its way onto Android devices.

Mobile Website Beta Testing Tool

We can imagine you have a lot of questions, so we’ve gathered some common ones in a handy FAQ about Star Stable Online on mobile: Click here!

You can also learn more about it on our special Breaking News broadcast featuring Matilda Opalpie - also filled with other revealing and exciting interviews!

Lots of love from your Star Stable Team ♥