Mr. Pastor's Math And Science Classesfifth Grade


Fr. Robert J. DeJilio

Fr. Ernest Frimpong

Fr. Ferdinand Madaki


Our Staff

Mr. Pastors Math And Science Classesfifth Grade 1

Daniel Kim - 7th-10th Grade Science, 10th & 11th Grade Geometry. Tami Kennedy - 7th - 12th Grade - English. Dale Breed - 7th - 9th Grade Math, 11th Grade Chemistry. Therese Spoulos - 5th-9th Grade Art, 6th Grade Math. Kerri Umberger - 1st-4th Grade Art. Maria Perez - 10th-12th Grade Spanish, Elementary Spanish. Hello, my name is John Mathis and I teach Math Enrichment and Math 1 at H.J. MacDonald Middle School. This is my second year at H.J. And my 10th year teaching overall. I bring a great deal of experience to my role as a Math teacher. I graduated in 1987 from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in. Pezzola- Fifth GRADE - e.l.a., s.s., MAth, and Science classes. Karen Warren, Principal B.S. Organizational Management, St Joseph’s College (18 credits) M.A. Christian School Administration Years at WSCS: 10.

Mr. Pastors Math And Science Classesfifth Grade Curriculum

Mr. Paul J. Henshaw

Ms. Tracelyn Charles
Office Manager

Mr. Michael Hall
Director of Religious Education

Mrs. Christine Keller

Mrs. Antoinette Santini

Mrs. Nicole Goodrich
Pre-Kindergarten (Aide)

Ms. Lorraine DiSanto Kindergarten

Ms. Maria Gizzo

First Grade

Mrs. Toni Stults
2nd Grade

Mrs. Deneen Fragoso
3rd Grade

Mr. Michael Chiapparelli
4th Grade

Ms. Victoria Kieltyka
5th Grade, Religion 8

Ms. Erin Zangaglia
6th Grade Homeroom, ELA 6-8, Religion 6, Science 6

Mr. Anthony Costantini
7th Grade Homeroom
Science 7, Religion 7,
Social Studies 6-8

Mr. Jeffrey Costa

8th Grade Homeroom,
Science 8, Math 5-8

Mrs. April Policello
Art (Monday, Friday)

Mr. Kyle Mange
Music (Monday, Thursday)

Mrs. Luz Colozzo-Davis
Spanish (Wednesday, Thursday)

Ms. Fatima Vasquez
Physical Education (Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mr. Joseph Abbatantuono
(Paul Effman) Band (Friday)

Mr. Gabriel Gomez

Mr. Robert Thompson