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My friend Pedro arena unblocked is an interesting game. My friend Pedro has discovered an amazing thing: the arena of hostilities has opened in the city, and now everyone who has a barrel with ammunition in the bins is flocking there. The battlefield is a multi-level territory with doors from which armed criminals come out. They need to soak without worrying about conscience. There are a lot of bandits, but there are enough bullets for everyone, because the killer always has a spare clip in his belt. For the transition to the new level of the arena, the shooter must dunk the number of opponents determined by the conditions. Corpses are a kind of means of payment, through which you can buy clear guns – slaughter, rapid-fire, with little need for reloading. Shameless littering, devoid of humanity and human pity, will determine who is the coolest assassin in the world. Only one should survive and let this surviving lucky become my friend Pedro. Use all the skills of the killer in order to spoil the beautiful leather jacket of this cruel small, as well as the skull with brains inside.

My Friend Pedro is an amazing side scrolling shooter with a fancy bullet time feature that makes you look very cool and helps you dodge speeding bullets. Use parkour like ninja skills to scale walls and shoot the bad men in this action-packed shooting game. Join Pedro the Banana on a wild adventure! Pedro is a floating banana with a pair of invisibility underwear in which only you can see him. Pedro wants to clean the town up of gangsters and with your set of skills, you are the perfect man for the job! Jump, roll, blast, and destroy the evil thugs of the city. Slow down time to get a better jump on the gangsters, aim, and to look plain cool.

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My Friend Pedroanother Unblocked Game Site

My Friend Pedroanother Unblocked Game Sites

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My Friend Pedro Another Unblocked Game Site

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