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Welcome to The Problem Site, a site fueled by a passion to provide interesting, informative, and valuable content to educators and students. We have an enormous collection of math problems, physics problems, brain teasers, and puzzles written by educators. We also have a fine collection of educational games. These games aren't all fancy graphics and silliness; the focus is on the educational value for students, so those who play our games will get the most puzzling, problem solving, and learning, in a compact time frame. Our games include word games, math games, strategy games, and even a handful of games specifically designed for young children. And if all that isn't enough, we also have printable mazes, worksheets, and vocabulary lists, and quizzes on a variety of subjects. The list of icons below will help you get started finding the resources you want.

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  • N Game Unblocked In n you play as a ninja who sets out on each level trying to run, jump, slide and wall-hop in order to gather up all of the yellow pieces. Upon collecting all of them the door will open and you may end / leave the stage.
  • Gumball Strike Ultimate Bowling. Basketball Stars.
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  • 56
    Real-Time Strategy & RPG in One!
    Lords Mobile combines the best parts of RPG and strategy games into an all-new experience! Build an empire, train an army, recruit powerful Heroes, and become a legend!
  • 28
    Fantasy Defense Adventures
    Brawl and rumble your way across the world in Castle Clash – the most addictive combat strategy game ever! Hire legions of powerful Heroes in your quest to become the world's greatest Warlord.
  • 69
    Mobile Royale is a real-time global game for online strategy battle fans.Develop your city, trade with different clans across the land, train a variety of troops to form your very own army, join a Guild, form alliances, and engage in exhilarating wars!
  • 89
    dress-up & AVG
    3D dress-up game with multiple story endings! Enter the world of storybooks. Meet the person of your dreams. Collect special clothes. Your choices decide your fate. Craft your very own destiny!
  • 93
    battle royale TPS
    Fight in a virtual world and use abilities in a sci-fi survival shooter!
  • 86
    Puzzle & Role-Playing
    Restore the Chronosphere and reveal the truth between the gods and humans!
  • 44
    Trading Card Game
    Build decks with a wild bunch of Heroes and Creatures to save a threatened kingdom. With hundreds of cards to collect, no two decks will ever be the same. Dive into the majestic world of Deck Heroes!
  • 97
    Real-Time Strategy Game
    The brand new Empires Mobile is here! Choose your race and experience strategic battles in a fantasy world! You call the shots in this time of chaos!

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