New Feature: Customizable Polls

With Poll 2.0, Telegram users can explore three kinds of polls - Visible Votes, Multiple Answers and Quiz Mode.

Telegram has announced a new feature to enhance the chat experience on the platform. This new feature called Polls 2.0 is something that even WhatsApp does not have and it allows users conduct various types of polls within chat groups and channels.

You can create an instant, real time poll in seconds within an email message. In the body of your Outlook email, add questions and options for single or multiple answers. Once you send the message, recipients vote directly in email or click on a handy included link and vote in a browser window. The new poll option is available on your desktop browser, Android, or iOS. Text-only polls have been an option on Facebook Pages for quite some time, but now you can add them to your regular posts.

With Poll 2.0, Telegram users can explore three kinds of polls - Visible Votes, Multiple Answers and Quiz Mode. Polls 2.0 aims to 'enrich the learning experience, giving its users more options to engage and express their opinions by way of selecting from various options'.

According to Telegram, 'this new feature can enhance the experience of users to create opinions, generate polls and be used by learning and education channels to create objective based learning through multiple choice questions (MCQs) and subject-based quizzes'.

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The feature has been launched globally and can be created in Telegram groups or channels. The updated attachment menu now has a 'Poll' option where you have to follow simple steps and choose one of the three poll type.

Creating a poll is as easy as typing the question, add answer options, choose the settings that fit in as best purpose and just roll it out. Additionally, there is the Quiz Bot that will allow users to create multi-question quizzes with additional text and media capabilities.

The Quiz Mode enables users to create 'exam-style' prompts with graphs and tables. Users can answer on the groups, channels, or personally. The Bot can also keep a tab that how many answers were right, how much time was taken by a user and upload it to a global leaderboard on Telegram.


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Telegram has been competing with WhatsApp for a while now and has been winning it on privacy and discretion and lack of hacks. The messaging platform has consistently been adding new features to rise above competition.

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  • Portal is completely optional.
  • Enable one or two side columns, allowing users to turn either off.
  • News posts from assigned forums can be displayed on main portal entrance.
  • 8 Built-in portal boxes including: Search, Who's Online, Newest Members, Public and Private Calendar, AJAX Shoutbox, Top Posts, Forum Statistics. All which can be placed and ordered in either column.
  • 10 fully customizable islands that support PHP or HTML including things like Google's AdSense. Option to display these islands in between posts.
  • 10 Post islands that can display the most recent posts or topics from an admin-definable list of forums.
  • Cached content to improve performance.
Categories & Forums
  • Create an unlimited number of Categories and Forums.
  • Create unlimited subforums to better organize your board.
  • Group based permissions for read, write, and reply access.
  • Assign style settings including colors, images, headers, and footers to specific forums.
  • Enable/Disable file attachments on a per-forum basis.
  • Enable/Disable polls on a per-forum basis.
  • Forum Introductions can be assigned to each forum.
  • Enable/Disable post moderation on a per-forum basis.
  • Syndicate content of an individual forum easily with customized RSS settings.
New feature: customizable polls real clear politics
Topics & Posts
  • CAPTCHA for Guest Posting. *
  • New topic/post tracking.
  • Topic Watching - Subscribe to a topic with optional emails for any new posts in topic.
  • Flat or Threaded views.
  • Multi-Question polls.
  • ActiveText, which is a set of words defined by an admin that will turn into links or images when used in a post.
  • Manage Topic options - Announcement, Sticky, Move, Lock, Delete.
  • Supports a wide variety of UBBcode with an easy to use post editor.
  • Supports HTML if enabled by admin.
  • Graemlins
  • User Avatars
  • AJAX Quick Reply and Quick Quote features.
  • AJAX preview post option.
  • Topic Ratings
  • Attach multiple files to a single post if enabled in forum.
  • Moderator Notification of questionable posts.
  • Email post to a friend.

Photo Gallery Forums using
  • Multiple Photos can be attached to a single post.
  • Automatic Thumbnail generation, along with medium and full-sized image.
  • Content Island to display thumbnails of recent photos that have been uploaded.

Calendar Features
  • Private and Public Calendar Entries.
  • Monthly/Yearly Recurring Events.
  • Topics can be tied to a Calendar Day.
  • Member Birthdays.

* In order to use the CAPTCHA feature you will either need to have ImageMagick 6 or GD2 with FreeType support on your server.User Profiles
  • Customizable user profiles allowing the user to give certain information about themselves including Birthday, Occupation, Instant Messenger, Interests, any admin defined fields and many more.

User Preferences
  • Customizable user preferences allowing the user to choose how the forum is displayed to them, including skin, language, time zone, signature viewing, hiding from who's online and more.

Private topics
  • Multiple users can participate in a single private topic. Maximum number of participants is defined by the admin.
  • New Private Topic indicators.
  • Tracking to see who has or has not read a post within a private topic.

User Avatars
  • Admin-definable settings to allow users to upload an avatar, link to an off-site avatar or choose from a stock set of avatars defined in the control panel.
  • Admin-defined max width and height of user avatars.

Watch Lists
  • Users can watch forums, topics or individual users.
  • Watched items appear in the 'My Watch Lists' area so users can quickly check on any new content within their watched items.
  • User can decide on an individual watch item basis if any new posts should be emailed to them.

New Feature: Customizable Polls 2019

User Moods
  • Users can specify their current mood while browsing the forum.
  • Their current mood will be displayed next to any of their posts while they are online.
Master Settings
  • Options to log SQL errors and all Control Panel Activity
  • Highly customizable censoring tool with wildcards, allowing for a default replacement word, or where certain words are replaced with something different.
  • Markup Panel Options allowing the admin to define which font-families and sizes a member can use in their posts.
  • ActiveText option where words can be tagged to be replaced with a link or image. (Note: This differs from the censor feature as it's done when the post is displayed. If the word is removed from the ActiveText list it will no longer be altered).
  • File Attachment options, allowing the admin to specify what file types are allowed and what the maximum file attachment size is.
  • Search settings, including maximum search results, time between searches and more.
  • Options to turn on/off Member/Topic ratings, polls, flood checks, etc.

Display Options
  • Options such as time zone settings, community introductions, Who's Online timeframe, and many more.
  • HTML headers/footers, any onload JavaScript, meta tags can all be defined in this area.
  • Interface for the admin to add/change or remove post icons, graemlins, user avatars, forum images or news images.
  • Full Control Panel Style Editor.
    • Styles can be created where an individual style uses its own set of images
    • Easy to use preview area so any changes to the CSS settings can be viewed immediately.
    • Customizable table wrappers to allow for a style to have things like rounded corners, drop shadows around tables, and more.
    • Easy Import/Export system to share your styles or add new ones for your users to choose from.
  • Language editor, allowing for all text to be changed easily from the control panel.
  • Template editor. Smarty Templates can be edited through the control panel to quickly change any of the templates.

Forum & Category Management
  • Add/Edit/Delete forums and categories.
  • Easy subforum system to allow for better management and easier user navigation.
  • Full control over all forum settings including post privileges, polls, attachments, RSS feeds and many more.
  • Quick assignment of moderators and what privileges they have for each forum including edit, delete, sticky topics and more.
  • Easy Group Management allows the admin to get an overview of what groups of users have what privileges, and quickly make changes to any or all forums.

Membership Area
  • Member Moderation
  • Email verification
  • CAPTCHA for registration. *
  • Specify Board Rules
  • Registration Screen settings allow the admin to define required and optional fields.
  • Minimum age settings.
  • Member Titles based on number of posts a user has made.
  • Powerful Member Management
    • Allows the admin to search for members using various criteria, including last visit time, group, IP address, last post and more.
    • Option to send an email to all users or selected users using the search mentioned above.
    • Option to export all email addresses in a variety of formats.
    • Quickly change user groups for single or multiple users.
    • Ban/Unban a set of users.
    • And many more options

New Feature: Customizable Polls Real Clear Politics

  • Full control over all portal settings mentioned earlier.

Content Management
  • Create RSS feeds from single or multiple forums.
  • Approve posts from multiple forums on one page.
  • Move or prune topics using a powerful topic management system, allowing the admin to specify search criteria for topics.

New Feature: Customizable Polls Against

  • Database Tools, including: database information, database server backup and a SQL command box.
  • Option to force clearing of the cache.
  • Quickly check to make sure all permissions are set properly.

* In order to use the CAPTCHA feature you will either need to have ImageMagick 6 or GD2 with FreeType support on your server.
  • Full admin control of what a moderator privileges, including: editing posts, making sticky posts, moving posts/topics, deleting posts/topics and more.
  • Post Approval screen allows the moderator to get an overview of all unapproved posts from all forums they moderate, then handle them accordingly.
  • Member Management screen. If the admin has allowed a moderator to Edit Members, this will allow them to help with member management.