New Game Coming Soon!

With there being plenty to look forward to over the coming year, including long-awaited sequels and yet more Nintendo magic, here are the biggest new Switch games of 2020 for you to look forward to.

  1. The new games for 2021 and beyond is an exciting space, even if not all of them have concrete release dates yet. Thanks to the arrival of the Xbox Series X and PS5, it's all got that fresh, new.
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New Game Coming Soon!

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Hello Lustfallen! Today I bring some exciting news that'll really shovel come coal into your hype trains. I have an exciting new project that is coming out very soon!

'Victoria's Body'

What is this fresh new game? It's another eroge by yours truly that has a heavy focus on fetish and erotic transformations. You play as the vampire called Victoria (right) in her attempt to re-take her castle from her friend-not-friend , the demon Hanaja (left). She has to fight against enemies that will attempt to transform her and drain her sanity, while using those transformations to solve puzzles and navigate the castle.

The combat system is a homebrew system that came from an idea for a tabletop type game of a similar nature. In battle, when getting attacked by an enemy there is a chance that part of Victoria will transform into that enemy type. These changes will not only alter the stats of the fighter, but also alter her available actions in battle.

New Game Coming Soon

These actions change how you fight each encounter and depending on the circumstances, may be better than Victoria's standard array of Vampiric attacks.

While taking on too many transformations could be dangerous, it may be necessary to proceed. The castle is filled with traps and treasures that challenge you to get and maintain specific areas of transformations in order to trigger statues, clear pathways or avoid obstacles.


If you are into TF fetish or eroge that really blend the lewd with the actual gameplay, you're not going to want to miss out on Victoria's Body! More to come, along with Patreon updates. There may or may not be beta testing for this one since it is so close to being completed.

Target release date is 12/29 but it may be another week due to holidays.

It will launch here on for the price of $9.99 USD for Windows with a very real possibility of DLC to add more TF types to unlock in the future.

New Game Coming Soon!

Stay safe and stay kinky! (and get Hype!)

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Looks exceedingly promising.

  • Transformations that aren’t just Bad Ends.
  • Transformations that aren’t so avoidable as to be voluntary.
  • Modular character model. (I know just enough about art to know this is heckin hard to pull off.)
  • Meaningful gameplay.
  • Lewd art integrated into gameplay. (Rather than gated behind losing/winning.)
  • Bimbo content.

Consider me hyped.

Glad to hear the hype! I've been working super hard these past few months on it and I really feel like it's something special! :)

Oh ! I'm just totally hyped for this game ! can't wait for more infos :) I think I love this gameplay, and graphics are good ! How many TF are in the final game ?


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There are 5 categories of TF and there are 5 parts of Victoria's body that can be individually transformed which means there are a lot of different combinations of TF total (I think like 120, but I am not sure if I am doing the right math). More details on what those TF categories are is coming soon!

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