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Celebrating the Legacy and Leadership of General George Patton

Quick Facts Name George Patton Birth Date November 11, 1885 Death Date December 21, 1945 Education U.S. Military Academy at West Point Place of Birth San Gabriel, California. Patton Place Estates Homeowners Association, Wittmann AZ Below is a list of the board members and property manager for Patton Place Estates HOA. Before purchasing in an HOA community you will want to research their rules and deed restrictions, reserve funds, budget, bylaws, and documents of the association.

Welcome to the General George Patton Museum, where the legacy of leadership continues to inspire each generation. Come explore the history of the United States Army through personal stories, artifacts, and film while viewing the foremost collection of Patton material in the world. Let the General George Patton Museum inspire you, awe you, and enlighten you.

The Foremost Collection of Patton Material in the World


With personal effects ranging from General Patton’s childhood to items from his private collection of military artifacts, the exhibits you’ll discover offer an unparalleled look at what made the man a legend. Come see the general’s personal revolvers, sabres from his competition in the 1912 Olympics, and even the 1938 Cadillac in which Patton took his final ride.

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The Patton Museum is dedicated to preserving the history one of our greatest leaders.

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“The soldier is the army.

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No army is better than its soldiers.”