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ERI continuing education courses for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, special educators, athletic trainers, and more prioritize person-centered treatment founded on the latest research.

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Otherslcsd Educational Technology Resources Inc

When you host an ERI occupational therapy CEU or PT course, you show your commitment to evidence-based continuing education, improving outcomes, and showcase your facility—and we reserve the best seats in the house for your staff.

Our world-class instructors have the luxury of focusing exclusively on teaching the latest advances in their field while their ERI team takes care of everything else. From organizing your travel to printing your course materials, ERI provides seamless, detail-oriented support for you and your learners.

COVID-19 Questions Answered HERE

Relevant Continuing Education for Therapists, by Therapists

The professionals in the Center for Technology-Enhanced Knowledge and Instruction (cTEKI) help educators across Cleveland Clinic enhance their teaching effectiveness by leveraging the right technology. They develop strategic web-based courses to supplement the medical and academic education of physicians, residents/fellows, medical students.

For next level, lifelong learning, make Education Resources your preferred provider of continuing education courses.

  1. Finding technology resources for special ed teachers that help adapt curriculum and accommodate all of the learners in our classroom is tough sometimes. Lists of assistive tech, apps, websites, and assessment tools all curated with exceptional students in mind.
  2. Oct 17, 2017 Open Educational Resources (OER) are open-license materials (freely accessible) that can be used for teaching and learning. OER can be defined as: “teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others.

ERI continuing education improves patient outcomes, advances careers, and builds community.

Our continuing education, in the classroom and online, features hands-on learning and evidence-based practice from inspiring, internationally renowned instructors.

ERI CEU courses give you powerful, practical therapy techniques you can’t wait to try. Reference materials and educational resources you can rely on. And, best of all, the chance to connect with other dedicated therapy professionals in your community.

ERI earned our reputation for the highest quality continuing education through experience and excellence. We were founded 30 years ago by therapists just like you. We know continuing studies costs are a big investment in your patients and your career. We make sure that our convenient, cost-effective, cutting edge courses are always best in class.

Mary Massery’s Live Webinar 'LINKED: Breathing & Postural Control' February 5 and 6, 2021

Otherslcsd Educational Technology Resources Careers

February 5, 2021
1:40 pm EST, 12:40 pm CT, 11:40 am MST, 10:40 am PT (US)
February 6, 2021
9:10 am EST, 8:10 am CT, 7:10 am MST, 6:10 am PT (US)

Space is limited! Register today.

Join Jessica Minahan for the Live Webinar 'Practical Strategies for Reducing Anxiety in Students'

January 20 and 27, 2021
3:30 pm EST • 2:30 pm CST • 1:30 pm MST • 12:30 pm PST (US)

On-Demand Continuing Ed Courses

Otherslcsd educational technology resources for teachers

ERI has an extensive catalogue of pre-recoded, on-demand conferences that allows you to continue your education from the safety and comfort of home or office. Registrants have access to the course and handouts for an entire year.


“I love your company! You are where I come for CEUs first every time.
I know I can count on the quality of the courses…and I won’t be

Online Survey Respondent

“I have always loved teaching for them, great company, really great communication, flexible, good number of students.They’re the real deal. Clinical, research-based, Reputable.”

Christina Finn, Newer Faculty (3 years); also part of a Facility Partner

“A well-oiled team, in terms of process and product. They understand the needs of the therapy clinicians out there. Everything is much easier and goes more smoothly with them, and we get more in return with them as the host facility as well.”

Judy and Sue, Children’s Specialized, Longtime Facility Partner (16+ years)

“Always look on ERI website for courses, as they are ALWAYS the highest quality!”

Lehanna Rook, OT, Sensory Integration course

“In 17 years, ……….. all details are worked out, everything is structured. They provide not just any space, but environments optimal for learning.”

Jeff Walter, Longtime Faculty Member (17 years)

“The course on paper can look good through other companies, but the course on paper is what you get with them. They’re definitely in the upper tier…. They’re the company I’ve used the longest.”

Jaime Smiley, Longtime Facility Partner, LifeWorks Rehab (10+ years)/Course Participant

“Wonderful course. Beautifully presented with data and research to back assessment and treatment techniques. Encourages clinicians to think critically about how and why they are treating, thus opening you up to new approaches. Amazing suggestions to support both feeding and communication/bonding.”

Otherslcsd Educational Technology Resources For Teachers

Alisa Fritchand, SLP, SOFFI course, Valhalla NY

Otherslcsd Educational Technology Resources For The Classroom

I appreciate the quality of education that this company is providing to therapists. It is evident that Education Resources Inc. strives to offer the best experience possible to those of us who are not just interested in “earning credits.” They are providing courses that will allow us to harness new hands-on, research-based skills, which can truly assist with the healing process of our patients. Thank you for making this possible!

ResourcesPatrick Murphy, PT

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the declaration of a national emergency, we know that millions of teachers, students, and parents across the nation are struggling to find the best options to ensure that learning is still taking place. Our team has come together to create solutions to assist in the education of our most prized possessions during this extraordinary time. Here are some of things we are doing:

FREE Online Course for Teachers

We are offering a free, 45 hour online course called “Educational Technology for Online Learning: Crash Course“. This course is meant to provide teachers of all proficiency levels with valuable tools, strategies, and resources to assist them in using technology for online and distance learning. The course includes sample modules from many of the courses that we currently offer. We want to provide teachers an overview and wide array of technology tools and resources that they may find useful during this time and beyond. Highlights of this class include:

  • The course is open to all teachers worldwide.
  • Students have access to the course within 1-2 days after registration.
  • The course is geared towards all teachers, including technology novices and beginners.
  • 45 CTLE Hours are available for New York State Teachers upon request.

Open Enrollment and Immediate Access for All Courses

Students can begin courses immediately. Due to lack of mobility and the isolation of many teachers across the nation, we are no longer requiring teachers to wait until the start date of our next session to begin coursework. Normally, our next session date begins on April 14. However, all students can now get immediate access to all courses they enroll in within 1-2 business days of registration. Please email us if you want immediate access.

Otherslcsd Educational Technology Resources Internships

Curating Additional Free Educational Resources for Teachers and Parents

Many of our instructors have been following and curating lists of education companies that are providing free services and products during this time of need. Thank you to our instructor Joli Boucher @joliboucher for providing these resources! Here is a list of EdTech companies offering FREE support and/or access to schools affected by COVID19 closures. Some of the companies on this list are:

  • @GoogleForEdu Hangout Meet

Otherslcsd Educational Technology Resources Technology

We Are Donating to the Island Harvest CoronaVirus Preparedness and Prevention Program

Otherslcsd Educational Technology Resources Inc

Island Harvest is taking additional steps to help veterans, seniors, stranded college students, and school-age kids impacted by the coronavirus. Now, more than ever, people and their families who are affected need our help to put food on their tables. Island Harvest Food Bank is taking a lead in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable people in the community during this crisis by reaching out to partner school districts, senior communities and veteran organizations to lend our support and expertise as their programs and services are temporarily discontinued. We are in the process of ordering emergency response food to address this critical situation, among other critical measures.