Patrick Knightthe Initials Game

The following is a listing of all positional abbreviations currently inuse on Pro Football Reference and their meanings.
RBRunning back
LHLeft Halfback
RHRight Halfback
BBBlocking Back
WRWide Receiver
SESplit End
TETight End
LELeft End
LTLeft Tackle
LOTLeft Offensive Tackle
LGLeft Guard
RGRight Guard
RTRight Tackle
ROTRight Offensive Tackle
RERight End
DLDefensive Lineman
LDELeft Defensive End
DEDefensive End
LDTLeft Defensive Tackle
DTDefensive Tackle
NTNose Tackle
MGMiddle Guard
DGDefensive Guard
RDTRight Defensive Tackle
RDERight Defensive End
LOLBLeft Outside Linebacker
RUSHRush Linebacker
OLBOutside Linebacker
LLBLeft Linebacker
LILBLeft Inside Linebacker
WILLWeak Side Linebacker
ILBInside Linebacker
SLBStrong Side Linebacker
MLBMiddle Linebacker
MIKEMiddle Linebacker
WLBWeak Side Linebacker
RILBRight Inside Linebacker
RLBRight Linebacker
ROLBRight Outside Linebacker
SAMStrong Side Linebacker
LCBLeft Cornerback
RCBRight Cornerback
SSStrong Safety
FSFree Safety
LDHLeft Defensive Halfback
RDHRight Defensive Halfback
LSLong Snapper (pre-1970 this may indicate Left Safety)
RSRight Safety
DBDefensive Back
PRPunt Returner
KRKick Returner
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