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Get the ball into your opponent’s goal area in this 1 or 2 player, quirky neon version of Pong featuring elastic paddles and fast-paced action! Sling is a straight-forward yet very tricky, 2D retro ball game where you must use fast reactions to get a ricocheting ball past your opponent's elastic paddle. Playing against the computer or a best friend / family member, you take part in short, intense, first to 6 goal match-ups.

Reasons to play this reactions-based arcade game: Nostalgic fans of 80s arcade games like Pong and Atari Breakout should appreciate the classic 80s gameplay with a fun twist for added excitement. This challenging game provides a good test and exercise of your reflexes, observation & anticipation skills, keyboard control, focus and determination.

Ping Pongunblocked Games

King Ping Pong 71,171 play times. Join other players talking about games. Visit the Y8 Forum. Go to Forum Hide. Game details Move your paddle and try to win the match. Pong is one of the first computer games that ever created, this simple 'tennis like' game features two paddles and a ball, the goal is to defeat your opponent by being the first one to gain10 point, a player gets a point once the opponent misses a ball.

How to Play: A Flash-based, 1 or 2 player action ball game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). There are two game modes to choose from; in Single Player Mode, you enter a championship, and face 7 increasingly-talented computer opponents. In 2 Player Mode, you play against a friend / family member in a once-off match up. The first player to score 6 goals is the winner (in all matches).

In Single Player Mode, you control the paddle, at the bottom of the play area, with the Left & Right Arrow Keys or the A & D Keys. In 2 Player Mode, the top paddle is controlled by the WASD Keys while the bottom paddle is controlled by the Arrow Keys. Keep an eye out for special, floating power-ups. These can increase / decrease the score, or increase / decrease the size of your paddle or your opponent's paddle.

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 or Chrome browser on your PC / MAC, try playing Firefox browser with Adobe Flash player installed.

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PingPing Pongunblocked Games
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