Product Photography Pricing

Free download! Snag this bundle of 18 price sheet templates that you can customize for your photography business, created with love for our PhotoBiz friends & family!

Hire a photographer: $10 per product image. One of a small or mid-sized ecommerce business’s best options may be to hire a freelance photographer to take product photos.

  1. Product photography – pricing and fees The following are estimates, and will depend on the actual items be photographed. All fees to be paid before images are delivered. New Jersey sales tax will be collected on all amounts for work in NJ.
  2. Photography Pricing “CHEAT SHEET” Here is a quick summary and review of the major key points of. Product/size and trying to work your way up.

The templates are fully editable in Photoshop and ready for you to make your own. Everything's included to create price sheets for all kinds of photography. Just download the PSD bundle and start making cool marketing materials for your business today.

What's Inside:

4 Mini Session Flyers

2 Newborn Templates

2 Kids Templates

2 Boudoir Templates

2 Wedding Templates

2 Family Templates

2 Senior Templates

2 Headshot Templates

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Product photography pricing template

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Product Photography Pricing Template

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Product Photography Pricing Guide

Product photography pricing

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