Qr Codes In Literacy & Arteffective Curriculum Ideas

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The literacy progressions are recorded by students and are accessible through QR codes in the classroom. Vicki found students are more confident in speaking about what they know and their next learning steps. QR Codes and Supporting Diverse Literacy Needs: Using QR Codes to Create Audiobooks and Book Reviews. Introduction: QR stands for Quick Response use to the code to instantly share website links, PDFs, images, audio files, and more) Creating a QR Code: use a QR Code Generator (www.qrstuff.com).

I have created a reading activity that includes the use of QR codes. I will be using this with my 5th graders tomorrow. I wanted a way to review 'what good readers do' while checking in on the skills they have mastered and the ones I will be sure to focus on in the next few weeks. Feel free to use it! It was super easy to make. Let's walk through how I made this lesson.
QR Codes and Great Readers
I first chose the topics/focus of my lesson. I was actually inspired by this 'Good Readers' poster I found on pinterest. It did not link back to its original home. I cannot find its author, so if anyone out there knows who made this, let me know so I can give credit to him/her.
ArteffectiveI then decided to make a QR code activity that reviews/assesses these skills. I created questions that I wanted the students to answer. I then found websites that would allow them to practice those skills. For example, I chose visualization as an important reading skill. I talk about 'mind movies' all the time. I knew I wanted a story that they could listen to, but not have any images to support the story. I also knew I wanted a story that was engaging and had great atmosphere. It made me think of the author, O. Penn-Coughin. This local author writes amazing spooky stories for kids. He also has amazing audio podcasts of these stories.
So, I found the link to the story I wanted the students to listen to. I then went to http://www.esponce.com/ to create my QR code. I made sure the generate tab was clicked. I then copied and pasted the URL of the spooky story and hit 'generate.' It then creates a QR code. I then saved it as a jpeg file. It looks like this.------------>
Qr codes in literacy centersI now plan to take the QR codes for this activity and hang them around the room. The students will be in teams of 2-3. They will go around the room to scan the QR codes and answer the questions.

Qr Codes In Literacy Centers

I plan to do this lesson with my class tomorrow. I will let you all know how it goes. I have to admit I am excited to watch this lesson unfold. It is much more engaging than the workbook pages that review this same information. I will post tomorrow to let you know how it all works out.