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How to play Riddle School 2 Use your mouse to click on: - objects to get information about them and pick them up - word balloons to continue Phil's conversation - the item you picked up earlier to use it You will find the map on the upper right corner. Riddle School 2 is an instant classic Interactive Fiction game for kids. It uses the Flash technology. Play this Escape game now or enjoy the many other related games we have at POG. Riddle School 2 recreated in Minecraft! The first one can also be found on my list of projects. Above is a walkthrough of the map, only watch if you're stuck or just want to see the map without downloading! (But I recommend playing yourself!) The download says a schematic, but in reality it's actually a.zip file containing the map itself.

About game:

Welcome to Riddle School 2, a point and click and Puzzle video game that centers on Escape elements. In this video game, you will help a naughty student, who is not interested in his music class to get out of his own school. Riddle School 2 is the sequel to Riddle School 1, the funny predecessor that was also developed by JonBro.


What you have to do in Riddle School 2 is working out your mind in order to help the protagonist survive and escape from his school successfully. The game requires you to interact with whatever surrounds the protagonist. When you click on anything that you are able to, a bubble conversation will appear and the protagonist will show you what he knows about it. You are enabled to collect items that you see around the school, they will appear in your bag. When the time comes, you can use the items that you have collected.

The game also brings in a Game map, which shows the structure of the entire school and the location where the protagonist is. The places that the protagonist has entered will be marked in red color. What is difficult about this game is that you have to make sure your protagonist will not be caught. Otherwise, the game will end. Have fun with Riddle School 2, now!

Riddle School 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the mouse cursor to interact with the non-playable characters and items.

Tips and tricks:

In case you have no clue about what to do next, try to see a walkthrough video, it might help.

Notice any sign you see around the school.

Riddle School 2 Walkthrough

Riddle school 2 unblocked

About Game


Riddle school is an interesting point and click and puzzle video game that was created by Jonochrome in 2006. This is the first title in the Riddle School series game. This game is so famous for simple gameplay, interesting puzzles, and humorous dialogue. This game revolves around an elementary school student named as Phil Eggtree. Phil is sent to a special classroom after teasing another student. There, he feels so bored with a no-smart teacher, wastes the time, and wants to escape the classroom.

In the role of a player, your mission is to use your clever thinking to help Phil in achieving his goal. In detail, you must interact with various objects in the classrooms and hallway by clicking on them and try to deceive and confuse the teacher to leave the class and boring school perfectly. There are also some other characters in this game such as mail clerks, laborers, guard, etc. They will give you some guides to escape and you must do follow these guides. In addition, you will also have to collect the useful items and put them into the inventory to use when needed. With interesting gameplay and cute graphics, Riddle School is a really fun mystery and puzzle solving game to play and enjoy.

Characters game

Phil Eggtree: He is the main protagonist of Riddle School series game. He is a young student and described as a witty, clever, and smart child.

Smiley Eggtree: She is the only known female student of Riddle School. She loves smiling and also loves her school.

Phred Whistler: He is a character without any motivation. He never tries anything during the series game. At the end of Riddle School 5, he eventually changed his mind.

They are some prominent characters in series of Riddle School. In addition to these characters, there are several other ones like Zack Kelvin, Ms. Cophey, Mr. Kahm, 808, 5, Greg Sleep, Teacher, and Mr. Cwesschyn.

Riddle School 2 Game

Plot of Riddle School

The plot of this game revolves around a fun student named as Phil Eggtree and the Riddle Elementary School. According to the described of Phil, Riddle school has lockers for dozens of student despite the fact that this school has only seven students. Phil is sent to a special class for the insane because of teasing another student in the regular classes. In this class, he is taught by Mr. Kahm - a no-smart teacher who teaches incorrect facts regarding mathematics. So tired and bored of listening to Mr. Kahm, Phil decides to escape the school. He pretended to sharpen his pencil to escape the classroom and then complete a series of tasks. These activities allow him to steal the key to open the school door and get free. After so much of efforts, finally, Phil grabs the key and walks off to freedom.

How to Play:

Game Controls: Just use the mouse and left click on the items or other characters to interact.

Tips and Tricks:

Read the dialogues of all characters carefully because they are the clues to solve the puzzles.

If you get stuck, let's watch the walkthrough video below. We made it so detail so surely it can help you overcome when getting stuck in this game.

In addition, this game supports full-screen mode and offers the mute option to custom the soundtrack.

Riddle School 1 Unblocked Game:

Riddle School is really attractive to the players with its simple gameplay, cute graphics, and humorous dialogues. For this reason, lots of players want to play and enjoy this game when they have free time and even when they are at schools, office, or somewhere else. However, most of the special areas such as school, office, hospital, airports, etc block the gaming sites. This makes difficult for the players to play and enjoy their favorite game there. Riddle school is also like that!

But don't worry! You still can play Riddle School 1 unblocked for free on riddleschoolgame.com. With this unblocked version, you can play this game anywhere even the blocking game areas like school and office. Moreover, on this site, we not only provide you with Riddle School 1 unblocked game but also all the next game titles in this series games. So, you can enjoy the whole of the Riddle School series on only one site.

Now, it is the time to jump into the game world and enjoy the exciting moments that it brings you. Good luck and hope you have memorable times on riddleschoolgame.com.

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Riddle School - Best Game for Children

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is riddle school free?

Yes, it is! In fact, Riddle School is a free point and click and flash-based puzzle-solving game. This game is available to play and enjoy on the browser platform. You can play Riddle School for free right here - on riddleschoolgame.com

How many riddle school games are there?

Riddle School is an extremely popular series games. There are total 7 Riddle School games including Riddle School, Riddle School 2, Riddle School 3, Riddle School 4, Riddle School 5, Riddle Transfer, and Riddle Transfer 2. In these games, the last two games are the expansion of Riddle School series games.

How to beat?

In order to beat this game, you need to click anything on the game screen. In addition, interaction with NPCs is also a useful way to get clues that can help you solve the puzzles more quickly. In case you get stuck, let's watch the Riddle School 1 walkthrough.

When was riddle school made?

Riddle School was created on May the 25th, 2006 by Jonochrome (or also called as JonBro). Six months from release date of riddle school 1, the second installment of this series game released.

About Jonochrome

As mentioned above, Jonochrome is a very young developer. He is just 24 years old and he has a passion for developing video games. Now, he lives somewhere in America. He created the first game in Riddle School series - Riddle School when he was only 11. Continue the success of this game, he continued developing many other games in this series including Riddle School 2, Riddle School 3, Riddle School 4, Riddle School 5, Riddle Transfer, and finally is Riddle Transfer 2 when he was 21. Besides this series game, he also developed several other ones and all of them are well-received.

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This is a free gaming site that only focuses on the Riddle School series. So, we are confident that we can serve you much better than other gaming sites.

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