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Riddle Transfer 2clout Games

The beginning of a grand escape. Jonbro DID say it was the end of the riddle school series! It's like a spinoff series, basically finishing off where we left the very end. Seeing riddle transfer come out, i remember it like it was yesterday. I was very happy that the series was continued, and ten years went by, and riddle transfer 2 wrapped it all up with a nice bow.

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Riddle Transfer, File Size: 14.92 Mb, Rating: 88.43% with 218 votes , Played: 11,151 times from June-6th-2011
Description: Riddle Transfer takes place right where Riddle School 5 left off, and is the sizeable first part of what will be a five-part series. Phil Eggtree has saved his friends and rid the world of the alien leader Viz, but his journey back home doesn't turn out how anyone could have predicted. This is the start of a new adventure--one much more dangerous than the last.
Control: Mouse.
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Riddle Transfer Game ↶ Fullscreen Feedback. You may also enjoy: Mahjong FlowersA beautiful mahjong solitaire game with 150 puzzles to solve! Riddle Transfer is another in a long line of fantastic, addicting point and click adventure games where the main goal is to escape! Search for hidden items, combine them and use whatever tools you can find to escape from the strange facility and get Phil to safety! Coupled with an intriguing story, Riddle Transfer is sure to have you wanting more.

Help four high school friends escape their alien overlords by exercising your analytical thinking skills, sleuthing capability, and deduction reasoning skills in this really cool, thought-provoking, point-and-click mystery adventure game! Riddle Transfer 2 is an awesome, RPG-based, problem-solving puzzler for older kids / teens where you must click to interact with, discover and combine random items, and gradually help a team of students evade capture by the dreadful aliens that have taken over their school.


Reasons to play this wacky online brain teaser: If you enjoy linear, step-by-step sleuthing games, this tricky game provides a good fun challenge.Sharp logical and analytical thinking skills alongside good strategy as you combine various random items to your advantage. The quality animations and witty characters also create a cool storyline.

How to Play: A Flash-based, RPG adventure game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). When the game loads, click on the black and white ‘Continue’ button to reach the main menu screen. The game is a gradual, escape-the-level-style challenge where you must point and click on various items throughout each scene, and combine them to further the narrative.

Riddle transfer 2clout games free

Riddle Transfer 2 Clout Games

In the first part of the game, the 4 friends must solve the riddle to activate the portal to take them back to their classroom. Secret Tip: The scrap of paper on the floor of the first room says ‘WOOF’ – but if you look closely at the letters, they almost look like the numbers 4003. Could that be a code of some sort? We'll let you figure out the answer. Enjoy the sleuthing action!

Riddle Transfer 2clout Games To Play

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Riddle Transfer 2clout Games Free

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