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Happy Wedding Day! No major event is complete with excessive documentation so in addition to sending text messages to your partner, you can also send images and audio!
If you want to send an image to your partner, sign up for Imgur using your codename as your username, upload your image, and paste the link in the message box below.
If you want to send audio to your partner, sign up for Clyp using your codename as your username, record or upload a message, and paste the link in the message box blow.

Dear Pilgrim,
Your love and devotion is truly inspiring. However, it has come to my attention that not everyone is thrilled about your union. No one knows you’ve formalized your vows but they know you two have gotten close. Your partners family (now your family, too) is extra protective of their kin and there was a small kerfuffle in the streets today but I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.
Your partner is a little shaken up about it but you can put everyone’s mind at ease by making public your love and devotion to your partner. Let the world know that your love is the stuff of ballads, monuments, and epic poems! Let the whole city know!
These public displays, like your vows, should reflect your unique partnership. Shout it from the rooftops or whisper it in strangers ears! You can make up to five displays and they can take any form you wish- drawing, writing, performing, or any other medium- so long as it can be seen in a public space and are completed by 8pm tomorrow.
- Nurse Lawrence

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Here at Roblox, we strive to create cutting-edge technology that helps power the imaginations of people around the world. Every day, we’re amazed to see how much ingenuity and creativity Roblox developers possess when it comes to implementing new features in their games and experiences. A recent example is the R15 avatar. With the R15 avatar, players can now scale their character to a preferred height and width or equip animation packages that change how they run or jump in-game. Over the past few months, Roblox developers have also been updating their scripts and animations to leverage the flexibility of a fifteen-jointed avatar. We’d like to share the fruits of their labor with you so you can see how this more expressive avatar system is helping to enhance the customization possibilities of Roblox.

Check out these games…

InsanelyLuke from Red Penguin Productions took the time to tell us a little bit about his approach to R15. After adding R15 support to TNT Rush, he was ecstatic about the potential it could bring to his games and Roblox in general.

“R15 has been a huge step forward for Roblox,” said InsanelyLuke. “I’ve been able to experiment with it in two games that I’m working on, and it enables us to do so much more than we could have ever imagined with the R6 body. My dev teams and I have made everything from elaborate new dance moves to ridiculous falling animations, all of which are going to take our games to a whole new level.”

DieSoft, a member of the Elite Builders of Robloxia, also shared a similar sentiment.

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The reason as to why we prefer working with the R15 rig over the R6 rig is because of the possibilities it unlocks. With the R15 rig, we can create much more fluid and extensive animations that not only look great, but also feel satisfying to use,” said DieSoft. “R15 is the future of Roblox animations; it helps bring life to our creations and Roblox characters as a whole. It is a feature that both developers and players benefit from.”

Roblox’s Software Engineer, Merely, shared his thoughts about the technology and its potential for developers.

“I’m super excited about this new rendition of the Roblox avatar and the possibilities it opens for game developers,” he said. “Scaling makes it possible to create avatars of different shapes and sizes, while attachments also make it possible to specify where you want to attach an object on an avatar, regardless of size, shape, or number of parts. This opens the door for more articulated avatars in the future. All the work we’ve done behind the scenes is propelling us towards a future where the catalog is filled with user-generated content and we let the creativity of our users drive the platform forward.”

These are just a small handful of developers who are continuing to experiment with R15. We encourage you to check out these R15-supported games and see what our community is doing to take their games to the next level.

  • Blox Hunt, from Aqualotl
  • Design It!, from teamkilled
  • TNT Rush, from Red Penguin Productions
  • Hide and Seek Extreme, from Tim7775
  • The Normal Elevator, from NowDoTheHarlemShake
  • Super Bomb Survival, from Polyhex
  • Natural Disaster Survival, from Stickmasterluke
  • Miner’s Haven, from berezaa
  • Mount of the Gods, from Wheatlies and Dooglefox
  • Retail Tycoon, from Haggie125
  • ICEBREAKER, from Cracky4
  • MeepCity, from alexnewtron

Roblox’s engineering teams are committed to improving our avatar framework and providing more flexibility to developers. We’re continuing to listen closely to your feedback on the DevForum so we can provide an even more robust environment for developing a variety of immersive games and experiences using the R15 avatar. Want to learn how you can make your games compatible with R15? Check out the developer wiki here for more information, and be sure to keep checking in for more updates soon.

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