Scary Maze Game

Scary maze game 2

Play the scary maze game online. Concentrate and try to reach the goal without touching the walls. Only four levels to beat. Free scary maze game. The scary maze game is a lot of fun to play and many people wonder why it is scary. If you play the game well and make it to level 4 you will start to see strange things appear. However, the scary maze game isn't easy and so you must be careful and use your skill and judgement to make it through each level without touching the walls. Scary Maze 5 is the third part of interesting online flash game.Play and take your time using your patience to achieve the finish, the game has an enormous amount of new levels. Scary Maze is an exciting horror-action hybrid where you run through a maze killing zombies, ready to eat you as soon as they can. Your only way to fight back is your trusty slingshot. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat, looking for your next zombie. Scary Maze games are loaded with so much pleasure and excitement regardless of whoever is playing it or whoever is sharing the fun with you. So if you are into something scary, then might as well try this game as this is also deemed to be The Exorcist Maze Game.

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The new exciting Scary Maze game is an online puzzle flash game that combines some horror elements. The game is designed to test your hand and eye coordination, a player is supposed to move the mouse in order to guide a small ball through each maze. You are required no to touch the walls of the maze or any obstacle that comes through. The game has become somewhat an internet sensation, it combines a series of puzzles with a horror mix.

Scary Maze Game

So far there are seven series of the games from Scary Maze 1-7. There are many back to back video games having several parts, each and every part of them has new levels and very exciting scares. With the help of your mouse, simply navigate through the tricky puzzles using your mouse. A little dot is available at the start of the maze which you will need to direct through the maze till the finish point without touching the walls. The game has four stages of mazes, each level maze is much difficult than the other, remember to touch the walls as you will have to restart the whole game!

The game Scary Maze Game requires great patience, concentration and alertness as well. You will never know what will pop out once you finish off one level, and boy is it scary exciting. To be able to enjoy the game fully, play it at night in a dark room, preferably to experience the thrills and the chills the game offers. Expect to get challenged, brain twisting ends, scary fun, horror and adventure beyond imagination.

Scary Maze Game

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Scary Maze Game 2

Scary Maze is an online horror prank game created to scare people. Move your cursor slowly to the exit of each level. If your cursor touches any of the walls of the maze, the game ends immediately. The scary maze game offers many twists and surprises. Once they've played it to the end, most people like to share this game with their friends. Did you see the scary girl?
Are you ready to find your way to the red box, that is the exit? You will need a steady hand as you slide the cursor carefully through the scary maze. But as you play one level after the next creepy things start to happen. Subtle changes and barely noticable spookiness turns an otherwise simple puzzle into a really scary maze game. Use mouse movement to advance slowly but surely, making sure never to touch the walls of the maze level. Most free horror prank games tend to hide their difficulty in their awkward game controls, but Scary Maze luckily does not. It's as simple as it is fun to play.
This free Scary Maze game is so addictive, that other people went on to make numerous sequels to the original scary maze game. All of them are built on the same guiding principles of this game. Watch a video or play it for yourself and find out why everybody is so crazy about this series. Have you been scared? Enjoy playing Scary Maze, a free online prank game on!
Controls: Mouse