Seal Bounce?

© amazon Our Cleaning Lab experts tested and approved Bounce WrinkleGuard Mega Sheet dryer sheets. Here's why it earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Happy and healed, seals bounce back to the water. Duration: 00:57 4 mins ago. In September, a five-week-old seal was found unresponsive on the beach. Unlike some of the other Yeti Sports games like Penguin Toss and Bloody Penguin Baseball, the goal of Seal Bounce is altitude. And the higher the better. To play, all it takes is 2 clicks of your mouse. Your Yeti is standing on a slap of ice and holding a penguin. A tribute to the best game ever! If you don't see the game after a few seconds then you don't have Adobe Flash installed.


Tests in the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab show that when you dry your laundry with one of these mega-sized sheets, fabrics come out softer and with fewer wrinkles than with traditional sheets. And that means less ironing – win!

Seal Bounce Game



Kitty Cannon

Bounce WrinkleGuard Mega Sheet Dryer Sheets impressed our pros with how well they de-wrinkled even tough-to-smooth fabrics and left our test loads smelling fresh.

  1. SMOOTHES AND SOFTENS FABRICS Dryers sheets aren't known for imparting as much softness as liquid softeners do. But these Bounce sheets are twice the size of traditional ones, so fabrics came out feeling super soft. Extra wrinkle relaxers on the Bounce sheets left cotton bedding and dress shirts needing little, if any, ironing.
  2. ZAPS STATIC As fabrics tumble against each other in the warm dry air, static builds up. Bounce pulls the plug on static so you're not pulling socks off the back of t-shirts.
  3. HANDLES EXTRA LARGE LOADS There's no need to add a second sheet to just to make sure everything in super-sized loads gets treated. These mega sheets are perfect for use in today's larger capacity appliances.
  4. LEAVES FABRICS FRESH SMELLING Nothing smells as great as clean laundry. Bounce Outdoor Fresh imparts a subtle, not overpowering, scent that lasts beyond the dryer and into your drawers or linen closet, too.
10-16-2004, 09:33 PM
I have some questions about this game, mainly for the top scoring folks.
Does the amount of times the Yeti
slings the penguin around before throwing, or his position on the raft (the raft tilts back and forth) have any
affect on how high he can throw?
I can only average around 250-300 on the height of my typical throw. But,
every once in a while I get a good high (over 300 or over 400, almost hit 500 once) throw, sometimes two per round.
Is this what the high scorers are doing, or do they get good throws every time? IE, do you score 250, 250, 275,
500, 350? Or 350, 350, 400, 290, 380?