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World of Kings is a 3D massive multiplayer online role-playing game taking place in a vibrant fantasy realm home of captivating characters, grand quests, and competitive battlefield-filling player versus player.

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The Kings Bird switch is an action game Developed by Serenity Forge and Published by Graffiti Games, Released on February 12, 2019. ScreenShots: How to. Like other games, the first level of the game is the easiest. You can easily move across the maze and make to the red box. Second level demands more focus and concentration because the maze becomes narrower in this level as you try to move towards the red box. Play Shadow Kings Unblocked at Beast and have fun. Goodgame Shadow Kings Dark Ages is amazing MMO game Goodgame Studios is pleased to reveal Shadow Kings, an interesting brand-new MMO video game concerning brower, iOS and Android.

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Shadow Kings - The Dark Ages

Dive into the depths of a fascinating world of fantasy and medieval legends!
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Choose the kingdom of elves or dwarves and give them protection in your city. Make the whole nation come together to fight back the threat of the ancient monsters – orcs and goblins. Build your little settlement to become a flourishing and mighty kingdom with endless resources and an invincible army!
The fate of the whole race of dwarves or elves is put entirely in your hands – start an economic expansion first: build forts, mines, factories, barracks and houses. Attract strong and experienced diggers to work in the mines and discover deposits of ferrum, gemstones, silver, gold and even diamonds. Use your resources to upgrade buildings and make more advanced weaponry for your soldiers, recruit the best commanders and set out to start a military expansion! As soon as you get enough finance you start decorating the city, building top level magician towers that possess a unique power to protect the kingdom from evil enemy forces.
Enjoy Shadow Kings - The Dark Ages together with your friends with no limits and have lots of fun! Find lots of genuinely spectacular games at and play completely for free!

  • Exciting quests
  • A large army of warriors
  • Animated characters
  • Windows /XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1.2 Ghz or better
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0