Skull Kid

Skull Kid is back once again and goes even crazier in the second instalment of the game. If you loved the first one, then you will go nuts when you play Skull Kid 2. In this version of the game, a lot of changes have been made that you will surely love. There is now a story behind this game and it takes place in a sort of post-apocalyptic world where everyone has gone mad. In fact, all the characters in this game are wearing skull masks! For what reason, we will never know. Skull Kid is driven mad by the Sheriff when he finds that the pie he wants to eat is replaced by a note from him.

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You will be going on a rampage when you play Skull Kid 2, arming yourself with a Gatling gun that never runs out of ammo! What you will love about this game is you can decimate all your enemies and even soar through the air for a short period of time when you shoot your gun downwards long enough! Enemies now come from every direction and it is total mayhem from beginning to end. Enjoy this free online game brought to you by Puff games!

Skull kid

Skull Kid Zelda

Skull Kid: Reviewing a Crazed Chainsaw wielding Skull Kid Cover Based Shooting has become a big part of shooter games now, and the fact here is that it isn’t going away any time soon. SKULL KID Vinyl Decal from the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask sticker for almost anything! From shop DecalNinja. 5 out of 5 stars (2,644) 2,644. Skull Kids are a race of diminutive, mischievous beings that reside in forests. When non-fairy folk get lost in Lost Woods, they are cursed to become Stalfos —but Navi suggests that when children get lost in the woods, they may become Skull Kids. Skull Kid is a funny and slightly macabre game for everybody, who wants to let off some steam. Walk around the office as the psycho and merciless Skull Kid and destroy everything and everyone in your way. Use deadly weapons such as chainsaws and firearms.