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Unlike most boards, this board features a true writable surface. In addition, it offers multi-touch and multi-user capabilities to allow collaboration from up to 4 people at the same time. TeamBoard is smart, it features the ONLY multi-force capability sensing how hard you press on the board and creating thicker/thinner lines accordingly. Jul 15, 2012 - Explore Kim Wade's board 'Smartboard Resources', followed by 183 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about school technology, classroom technology, teaching technology.

What is a Smart Board?


Imagine if you will, one of the most powerful chalkboards ever; that is what you have in a smart board. Also sometimes known as an interactive whiteboard or interactive board, this is one of the most powerful technological mediums to deliver information to and interact with students.

Smart boards can act as a computer touchscreen, a touchpad that is controlled with a projector, a place for students to write on the board like a chalkboard, a tablet for you, and most of all, another great way to get more students involved in your classroom.

Smart boards are pre-installed with software that helps you interact with your lesson plans with your students ranging from lessons on fractions to provide a visual of a pie being divided by different amounts to having students come to the board and playing Jeopardy. Combine a good old fashioned chalkboard, a touchscreen computer, and interactive lessons all into one and you have a smart board.

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How to Use a Smart Board in Your Class

With eighth and half years in school administration, I have completed over 1000 walkthroughs and seen all subjects in high school. Using that information and some ideas from teachers who I have worked with before, here are some of the best ways I have seen to use a smart board in your classroom.

Checking for Understanding

Picture a high school math class with 25 students in the room. The last five minutes of class a teacher could call a student up to the smart board and have them work on the key problem of the day; the problem could contain all the key points that the students needed to learn that day. Then after the student works the problem for the entire class, the teacher calls on other students to make sure that the student did the problem correctly and then asks them to explain why it is correct.

Do this two or three times and the teacher will be able to quickly see if the class has learned what they need to learn that day. This is a great way to make sure the class is ready for the next step or if the teacher needs to go back and re-teach something. It also provides a great visual for all the students to see the math being worked. This could be done at lower levels too where students have the ability to write on the board.


I saw a teacher do this often as a review for her biology vocabulary quizzes. The teacher was able to develop a powerpoint and project it on a smart board where the students could touch the screen for a review like the game Jeopardy. This way the teacher could easily understand how the students were doing (checking for understanding) and the students would come up the board and touch the question they wanted to answer for their team. This kept students involved by using teams and by also having them move around the room. The teacher was able to know if the students were ready or not for their quiz. There are smart boards that come installed with other games, but this was a great example of a review that all students could be involved with during class.

Card Sort

This was another idea from a biology class, but easily could be done in any subject. The teacher developed a way for the students to come to the board and move around with what looked like text boxes. Some boxes had the vocabulary words and other boxes had the meaning of the vocabulary words. It became really exciting when some students were timed in their sorting of categories. Again, here the teacher can see how well the students understand the content but also have a little fun with their students.

Student Engagement

This idea is great at any level; a teacher used an installed Activity Builder and made a spinning wheel (similar to the Wheel of Fortune) that had each student’s name on the wheel. Instead of using choral questions to the class (which instructionally is a pet peeve of mine because some students can ‘hide’ behind the students that answer everything), the teacher would spin the wheel and see which student would answer the next question. The teacher mentioned that this kept his students on their toes and ready because they never knew who was next.

Visuals for Young Learners

A couple of elementary teachers have found that during the COVID era of education, this is a great way to let students see something that they might usually have in their hands. For example, using a balance to compare numbers. Using a website that shows a balance with numbers on the left and right of zero, the students can use the touchscreen capability and move the markers around on the balance board. Students have to balance the right and left based on the value of the numbers. For example if the number six is marked on the right side, on the left side, the numbers four and two are marked so the balance is even.

Using a smart board comes down to a couple of major factors. First, you might need some professional development to get going, and then second, find some time to play around with this amazing, interactive technology that has so many capabilities.

If you can get the time, the training, and create the opportunity, there are thousands of possibilities in your classroom with a smart board.

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*Updated November, 2020

Technology has advanced significantly over the past few years. Our reliance on it has increased in leaps and bounds and we use it for everything from helping us find places to improving our entertainment experiences. We often think of learning, however, as a person standing in front of us or our children and dictating but this is no longer the case. Technology has also enhanced learning in many ways such as eBooks and Smart Boards, for preschool learning all the way through college. These new technology methods have made learning less passive and more interactive.

What Is A Smart Board?

A Smart Board is an interactive white board used by companies and schools as educational tools to help enhance learning. They replace conventional boards and allow people to write on them with special pens but also have an array of other features because of their connection to a computer and the internet. This connection turns the board into the ultimate educational tool as it becomes like a tablet.

How Do Smart Boards Enhance Learning?

Smart boards enhance learning by allowing educators to do more than they would be able to do on conventional boards. For example:

Smart Board Basicsslcsd Educational Technology Resources For Teachers

  • Save Work

    As mentioned earlier, you can write on Smart Boards using the special pens provided as you would a normal board but with Smart Boards you can save work for future reference. In other words, if a lesson is not completed on one day or generally needs to be referenced back to, then the educator can easily access that file and the saved work of the lesson will be brought up on the screen.

  • More Than Just Writing

    Writing can often be tiresome and doesn’t always convey the information in the best way. Smart Boards allow educators to bring up other programs to educate in different ways. These include things such as slideshows which have pictures, etc.

    Another way in which Smart Boards allow educators to be more versatile with their educating is because of their ability to play video content. Many of us remember being at school and the teacher bringing in the media cart with a TV and video player to present educational videos. However, with YouTube and DVDs, that is no longer necessary as all the educational content can be played directly on the Smart Board. This is especially helpful in preschool environments where educational videos can capture the children’s attention and imagination.

Proven Success Rates

Smart Board Basicsslcsd Educational Technology Resources Llc

Various studies have shown that by making use of smart technology in the classroom, test scores, student learning and student literacy improve. Furthermore, the technology has been shown to increase how attentive the learners are in the classroom as well as increasing understanding of the content they are presented with.

Smart Board Basicsslcsd Educational Technology Resources For The Classroom

Smart Boards are an excellent example of how technology can be used in schools to enhance learning in various ways such as including video content. At Parkland Children’s Academy we understand that our children are growing up in a world of technology. We often use Smart Boards to expand our curriculum and help our children learn through a hands-on approach with technology.