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They say don't let success get to your head, but what if that's all there is of you? It is an existential dilemma for the main characters in these Sports Heads games, but that shouldn't deter you from trying out some fantastic and fun games here at

All sports basically boils down to a competition between two players. These sports heads games have broken things down to their essence and given you a few big-headed characters to choose from before getting your hands dirty trying to beat them. There is quite a bit of humour to be found in controlling caricatures of famous football or tennis players across the screen. Letting characters like Ronaldo or Lionel Messi jump, run and kick to your heart's desire. The defining visual feature of all these games are the ridiculously oversized heads. But if it was just a question of proportion, like in chibi style graphics, that would be one thing. But the developers went one step further and, for the most part, got rid of every other body part not needed to engage in the sport. So football players would be just a head and a foot, tennis players would just be a head and a racquet and hockey players just a head and a stick.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Sports Heads is back, and this time it's all about the goals, headers and volleys. Put these Soccer Heads to the test! How to play Sports Heads: Football Go head-to-head in this soccer battle of the titans!

But as funny as those depictions are, the underlying sports heads game is still challenging, fun and engrossing. Try to beat all the opponents and grab the championship for yourself. Train dilligently and play well to be victorious!

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AshleyB52 (26 September 2020):
love this game im playing as west brom doing terribly 18th lets hope things get better
Sports heads football european edition
chalnoob (3 July 2020):
first time playing, mid season 11 wins 0 draws 8 losses, 8th position
at the end: 23 wins 2 draws 8 losses, champ... mad game lets go
WassimVerstappen (11 June 2020):
Best Game Ever. 45 seasons in
KING-_-MZM1 (24 April 2020):
this is a mad game won with every team winning every game
Throwee (8 April 2020):
This game is so much better than Number 1 crap. I changed my mind about Number 1

Sports Heads Football Championship

Snappy fc (26 October 2019):
How to play this game
Sports Heads Football
Harry Potter (15 October 2019):
1185 with Tottenham !!

Sports Heads Football Dvadi

Sports heads soccer
rogerhag (26 July 2019):
338 with Bolton, 38 played 38 won
The dark shadow (27 May 2019):
557 with arsenal
The dark shadow (25 May 2019):
512 with Arsenal!!!

Sports Heads Football European Edition

jdog33 (12 May 2019):
I won 10 nil against unt come on you blues(chelse?!)

Sports Heads Football 2

EpicGamerCole (9 May 2019):
16-0 vs fulham we hate fulham love qpr

Sports Heads Football European Edition

akatheking (2 May 2019):
531! (with United)
akatheking (24 April 2019):
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