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'Super Chick Sisters' is a Mario Bros. spinnoff I made for PETA's 'Kentucky Fried Cruelty' campaign (see

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Superchick sisters game play have fun! Superchick sisters code to play as pam is: GOPAM.

Super chick sisters games

You are a chicken (yes) charged with saving Pamela Anderson from the evil Colonel Sanders in this short 5-level platform game featuring KFC-bots, super chicks, and cameos from half the cast of Super Mario Bros... Plus: finish the game to retrieve a code to play as Pamela Anderson herself!

This solo project was my first attempt at making a real flash game, and was a huge learning curve for me! Working with the BitmapData class for the platform engine was huge fun, particularly because I'm usually more of an illustrator than a flash coder (though that is quickly changing now that I'm starting to sense the incredible versatility of flash...!!)

Most challenging of all was optimising (what became) a resource-intensive game for machine performance, particularly for web.... where I discovered framerates vary wildly across browsers. I attempted to opimise my code over and over and tried all the framerate tricks I could find, but as a result I could never get this to run super smooth on FireFox (which as a FF fan, I am very disappointed about). To further enhance performance I developed an index for each platform -- so that only objects near the game window were processed. I wonder if this is a common technique, or if there are smarter ways to do this in flash for large platforms..?

Anyway -- here it is! To be honest I've never been a huge game player, and am still relatively new to flash, so I would LOVE to hear any feedback on the game design and/or optimisation tips for such a project....

I hope you will enjoy... Super Chick Sisters! :-)

A disclaimer: The high scores probably won't work on this version of the game on NG, since flash is very particular about which domains it communicates with! If you want to play a version of the game that is connected to the online high score server (or to download it for PC/MAC), visit superchicksisters

If you've ever wanted to slap around a McDonald's 'fry kid', have a thing for Pamela Anderson, or just hate clowns, then here's your game: the sequel to the much loved (and loathed) Super Chick Sisters!

This time your favourite feathered super hero siblings have manned up (literally) to the challenge of saving princess Pamela Anderson from the evil clutches of Ronald McDonald who wants to turn her into an unhappy meal. 5 adventure levels unfold in this tribute to the classic SMB series.

Wrestle with new enemies straight out of McDonald's twisted Playland, explore the ocean with the new 'Sea Kitten' powerup (that is, a chicken, wearing a mustache, dressed up like a fish, pretending to be a cat), and grapple with anti-gravity in a Super Mario Galaxy inspired space level - all in five different languages.

Super Chick Sistersgamerate

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This light hearted platformer also has a real message to make; as well as rescuing the well endowed princess, your mission is also to save Nugget and Chickette's brothers and sisters from the harrowing fate of becoming McDonald's next feathered victims, or more specifically, to encourage McDonald's to adopt a more humane slaughter method in the USA as they do in Europe. On that note if you think a dose of McReality is too much for you to stomach I recommend trying the kid-friendly version of the game.

PC and MAC downloads of the game can be grabbed from icksisters.aspx?c=pmnscnk n09

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