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Super Mario Bros. Crossover Play Super Mario Bros. Crossover Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a fan game that recreates the original Super Mario Bros. And allows you to play it as characters from other classic games. I first released the game on Newgrounds on April 27, 2010, and I worked on it for about 3 and a half years. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

This article is about the three animated stories based on well-known fairy tales. For the Mario animated movie, see Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!.

The title of this article is official, but it comes from a non-English source. If an official name from an English source is found that is not from the English Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia, the article should be moved to its appropriate title.

The cover of Super Mario Momotarō.

The Amada Anime Series: Super Mario Bros. (アマダアニメシリーズ スーパーマリオブラザーズ) is a series of animated stories. It is a collection of three original video animations based on fairy tales, and was released only in Japan on August 3, 1989. The series used characters and other elements from the Mario franchise in place of characters and concepts from the original fairy tales.

The series contains: Super Mario Momotarō, Super Mario Issun-bōshi, and Super Mario Shirayuki-hime‎. The two former episodes in the series are retellings of fairy tales of the same name, while Super Mario Shirayuki-hime is a retelling of the Western fairy tale Snow White. When the titles are read aloud by the narrator, the possessive particle の no is spoken between 'Super Mario' and the name of the specific story; translated, this would render the titles as 'Super Mario's Momotarō', etc.

Voice cast[edit]

  • Tōru Furuya as Mario
  • Miyako Endō as Princess Peach, Toad, Morton, Wendy
  • Masaharu Satō as Koopa, Larry, Iggy
  • Naoki Tatsuta as Luigi, Papa Mario, Roy, Ludwig
  • Toshiko Sawada as Narrator



  • Princess Peach along with Ojīsan and Obāsan.

  • Mario being born from a peach.

  • Mario rides on Obāsan's back.

  • Mario punches Roy.

  • Luigi kicks Koopa, hammer in hand.

  • Mario, Princess Peach, and seven Toads.

  • The Toads surrounding an unconscious Peach.

  • Several Toads rejoicing.


  • One piece of music used in the series, 'New Hampshire Hornpipe,' written by Dave Grusin, was originally composed for and used in the 1981 American drama film On Golden Pond.
  • Another piece of music used in the series was 'p:Machinery', a song recorded by German new wave/synth-pop band Propaganda.
  • Some more pieces of music used in the series were 'Snapshot,' 'Comes and Goes,' and 'Donna' by English avant-garde synth-pop group Art of Noise.

External links[edit]

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You can play previous versions of the game in the Old Versions section.

Version 3.1.21 - December 27, 2013

  • Added classic special option - allows you to disable pressing up + attack for Ryu and Simon, and down + attack for SOPHIA to use their special move.
  • Fixed bug that caused game to freeze when getting Exploding Rabbit power-up in classic mode.
  • Mega Man will no longer lose charge if you were charging when you got a mushroom
  • Fixed bug that caused Mega Man to disappear while charging on the title screen
  • Fixed some problems with Lance's music
  • Made special skins compatible with music console system, and changed some of their defaults to Nintendo
  • Fixed bug that showed Luigi's skins in the wrong position

Version 3.1.2 - December 25, 2013

  • Added classic power-up mode
    • Based on version 1.0 mushroom / fire flower system
    • Includes ability to customize weapons (many characters have extra weapons set to the special and select buttons)
      • Special note for Mega Man - hold the select button to swap weapon buttons - also works for Bass and Bill, but you don't have to hold it for them
    • Added 'Previous State' to the “When Hit” setting (located in New Game -> More Settings) in classic mode. It lets you keep your mushroom if you’re damaged while you have fire flower.
    • Previous power-up mode is still available by setting 'Power-up Mode' to 'Modern'
  • Added character disabling - Located in Options -> General -> Disable Characters
  • Added character/map skin disabling - Located in Options -> Skins -> Hide/Show Skins
    • Added presets for disabling groups of skins
  • Added random skin select when choosing a character or skin (press the special button)
  • Added a Mario skin: Modern Mario
  • Added a Luigi skin: Modern Luigi
  • Added a note to all Bill skins stating he doesn't collect Mushrooms
  • Lakitu's respawn time adjusted to match original, and the time now varies depending on map difficulty
  • Flying Koopas now give the correct score when stomped (400)
  • Rearranged some of the Bill skin music sets to account for the Super C skins now existing
  • Removed an extra Hudson Bee item from Lost Levels 5-1 Hard
  • Lost Levels 9-3 now plays 'Castle' music instead of 'Normal' music
  • Pipe to warp zone in Lost Levels B-4 can now be accessed on Easy difficulty
  • Bowser fight in Lost Levels D-4 now plays 'Final Boss' music
  • Various graphical and level adjustments
  • Various bug fixes

Version 3.1.01 - December 17, 2013

  • Fixed an issue where some nighttime levels on the Lost Levels map skin were appearing as daytime levels
  • Adjusted a pit in Lost Levels 8-1 that Bass couldn't cross
  • Adjusted a section of LL 5-2 Hard where Sophia couldn't gain access to a warp zone
  • Added the Hudson Bee item to Lost Levels Hard maps that didn't have one
  • Adjusted Samus' Wave Beam damage
  • Changed the 'Dark Epic' music for the Hayate and Kaede skins to a song that loops
  • Changed the 'Choose Character' music for Hayate and Kaede
  • Other various graphical and level adjustments

Version 3.1 - December 16, 2013

  • Added easy, normal, and hard versions of the Lost Levels maps (mostly based on SMBDX)
  • Added various Lost Levels elements: Fake Bowser enemy, chasing Hammer Bros., mid-screen height Lakitus, green springs
  • Added skin sets: Lost Levels, All Night Nippon
  • Added a skin for Bass: Skull Man
  • Added skins for Bill: Super C Bill, Super C Lance, Sharp X1 Lance, Atari Lance
  • Added skins for Link: Old Man (16B, GB), Cecil (both Dark Knight and Paladin), Bartz
  • Added a skin for Luigi: SMB Luigi (8B)
  • Added skins for Mega Man: Cut Man (16B), Roll (16B), Quint, Fire Man, Francesca, Doropie
  • Added skins for Ryu: Ryu Clone, Hayate, Kaede
  • Added skins for Samus: Dark Pit, Dark Samus (8B, GB)
  • Added a skin for Simon: Soleiyu Belmont (GB)
  • Added Magma Bazooka weapon for Mega Man and Bass
  • Some changes to the Lost Levels maps were made to accommodate the other characters
  • Some skins behave differently than character: Zelda (8B, 16B, GB), Fire Man (8B), Francesca (8B), Doropie (8B)
  • SMBS map skin and Sharp X1 character skins now use GB music
  • SMB and SMBS map skins now use SMBDX Poison Mushroom graphic
  • Red Paratroopas now behave like Green Koopas after losing their wings
  • Buzzy Beetle health increased to line it up with Koopa health and to allow more weapons to cause it to enter its shell
  • Simon now jumps slightly higher to allow him to consistently jump 3-tile high objects without having to double jump
  • Enemies and Mushrooms no longer bounce on springs
  • In Lakitu levels, the max number of Spinies now differs depending on the difficulty
  • Timer on SMB 2-1 changed to 400 (from 300)
  • Podoboos now animate correctly
  • Music from Blaster Master: Enemy Below is now the correct speed
  • Surface of water in water levels on SMB2 SNES map skin now appears correctly
  • Hammer now works correctly when 'Attack Strength' is set to 'Strong'
  • Bouncy pits cheat no longer interferes with entering pipes or with Red Paratroopas
  • Piranha Plant settings now save correctly
  • Breaking 1,000 bricks and finishing the game should now always unlock the associated cheat
  • Samus no longer retains the Varia suit colors after dying while 'Keep All Upgrades' is active
  • Link no longer reverts to Boomerang upon entering a new area
  • ER power-up now gives Simon the Triple Shot
  • Mega Man's charge SFX no longer plays when game is paused
  • Simon and Ryu no longer bounce continuously when they get hit and land on a spring
  • All Bass skins now play music when the console is set to GB
  • Bullet Bills no longer interact with Koopa shells
  • Various character portrait color issues have been fixed
  • Fixed various object and enemy placement errors in some levels
  • Other various bug fixes, graphical changes, and adjustments

Version 3.02 - August 2, 2013

  • Added proper Screw Crusher sound effect
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash in certain areas when using the Atari map skin
  • SMBS 4-3 is now treated as a coin heaven room on all skins, instead of a normal bonus room
  • Changed Invisible skin name to 'SMB (Invisible)'
  • Fixed other graphical and map layout issues

Version 3.01 - August 1, 2013

  • Updated Exploding Rabbit logo
  • Fixed bug with attack strength not being loaded from a save file
  • Fixed bug with Pharaoh Shot not working when damage response was set to keep weapons
  • Fixed bug with looping sounds still playing when game was paused
  • Made bricks breaking on title screen no longer go toward unlocking cheats
  • Updated Link's atari portrait
Super Mario Bros. Crossovergamefort

Version 3.0 - July 31, 2013

  • Added Super Mario Bros. Special (SMBS) levels
  • Added Easy and Hard versions of all levels
  • Added enemies and power-ups from SMBS
    • Barrel, Fighter Fly, Firebug, Icicle, Sidestepper
    • Clock, Hammer, Hudson Bee, Lucky Star, Wing
  • Added Poison Mushrooms
  • Added full screen mode
  • Added skin sets: SMB2 NES, SMB2 SNES, Castlevania, SMB Special, SMB Atari
  • Added skins for Bass: Bass (Sharp X1), Bass (Atari), Dr. Cossack (8B), Dr. Cossack (16B), Gemini Man (8B), Gemini Man (16B)
  • Added skins for Bill: Bill (Sharp X1), Bill (Atari), RD-008 (GB), RC-011 (GB)
  • Added skins for Link: Link (Sharp X1), Link (Atari), Zelda (16B), Zelda (GB), Ralph (GB), Christine (8B), Erdrick (8B), Roto (16B), Loto (GB), Benjamin (16B)
  • Added skins for Luigi: Luigi (Sharp X1), Luigi (Atari), Space Luigi (GB), Toadstool (16B)
  • Added skins for Mario: Mario (Sharp X1), Mario (Atari), Space Mario (GB), Toad (16-B)
  • Added skins for Mega Man: Mega Man (Sharp X1), Mega Man (Atari), Mega Man (no helmet) (GB), Rock (8B), Rock (16B), Break Man (GB), Dr. Light (8B), Cut Man (8B), Ice Man (8B)
  • Added skins for Ryu: Ryu (Sharp X1), Ryu (Atari), Ryu (Sega Master System)
  • Added skins for Samus: Samus (Sharp X1), Samus (Atari), Samus (no suit) (16B), Samus (alternate no suit) (16B)
  • Added skins for Simon: Simon (Sharp X1), Simon (Atari), Trevor? (8B), Trevor? (16B), Richter (8B), Richter (16B), Sonia (GB), Alex (8B), Kunio (16B)
  • Added skins for SOPHIA: SOPHIA (Sharp X1), SOPHIA (Atari), SOPHIA (alternate) (16B), Tetrimino (16B)
  • Some skins behave differently than character: Quick Man (8B,16B), Rock (8B,16B), Proto/Break Man (8B,16B,GB), Cut Man (8B), Ice Man (8B), Haggle Man (8B,16B), Pit (8B)
  • Difficulty settings are now more customizable
  • Added menu for selecting skins
  • Added skin description bar to skin selection menu
  • Added several new cheats and a new method for unlocking all cheats
  • Added news and info ticker to title screen
  • Two keys changed due to various browser behaviors: Tab (Select) has been changed to A, and Escape (Start) has been changed to Enter
  • Added coin sound options to menu: Normal, Quiet, Off
  • Coin blocks and bricks now sometimes drop ammo for most characters
  • Helper platforms are no longer moving platforms and instead seamlessly blend in with levels
  • Added a seventh digit to score
  • Added a new weapon for Bass: Screw Crusher
  • Removed Metal Blade from Bass
  • Link and Ryu now have a sound effect for attacking an armored enemy
  • Ryu now deals a bit more damage, can jump a little bit higher, and the Windmill Shuriken can pierce armor
  • SOPHIA's shots now have different sound effects for the three different levels
  • Ammo now resets after death, and characters now start with more ammo
  • Kills on title screen no longer count toward cheat unlock totals
  • Koopas can now be killed by a strong attack, rather than always go into their shell
  • Fixed item icons when changing skins for some characters
  • Reinstated power-up for Samus: Missile expansion pack (increases maximum Missile capacity)
  • Reinstated power-ups for Link: Bomb Bag (increases maximum Bomb capacity), Quiver (increases maximum Arrow capacity)
  • Certain pits underwater now pull in Mario and Luigi
  • Fixed Bass' jumping above the water line in underwater levels
  • Piranha Plants don't come out of pipe regardless of your vertical position
  • Fixed several SOPHIA bugs
  • SOPHIA's homing missiles no longer recognize armored enemies
  • Mega Man and Bass now keep some weapons when hit
  • Several enemies now behave more accurately when hit from below and when falling off of ledges
  • Vines now animate
  • Removed forest foreground on Super Mario World skin
  • Shells can now hit blocks and bricks from the side
  • Modified damage and health values to make game more balanced
  • Overhauled enemy sheet from Demon Returns skin
  • Updated Mario and Luigi's portrait
  • Updated various skins' portraits
  • Updated tutorials that were out of date
  • Updated credits
  • Several modifications, updates, and fixes to existing skins
  • Many other changes and bug fixes

Version 2.1.1 - January 6, 2013

  • Map skin can be changed on character select screen by pressing the special button
  • Credits can now be fast forwarded by pressing pause button
  • Changed green piranha plants to red in very hard mode.
  • Made some changes to music
  • Made SOPHIA's correct music play when using 'character' music set
  • Updated tutorials that were out of date
  • Updated credits
  • Fixed bug when Ryu and Simon got hit with bouncy pits cheat enabled
  • Fixed bug that caused text on loading screen to be hard to read when using Super Mario Land 2 skin
  • Fixed bug with Super Arm
  • Fixed bug with Bill's machine gun
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused Bowser to revert to his original form after dying
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused charge kick to display on wrong side
  • Added flames to Super Mario World castle backgrounds
  • Modified Quick Man's shooting sprites
  • Changed the toad and princess sprites for SNES Super Mario Bros. 3 Mario and Luigi
  • Added pully graphics for the Super Mario World and Blaster Master map skins
  • Modified pully graphics for the NES and SNES Super Mario Bros. 3 map skins
  • Fixed some sprites and portraits that weren't changing colors properly
  • Fixed a background glitch in world 4 in the NES Super Mario Bros. map skin
  • Fixed the missing toad and princess sprites for SNES Ryu
  • Fixed the forest foreground that was hiding a block in 5-2 on the SMW map skin
  • Fixed bug with pharaoh shot
  • Quick Man can slide when using Charge Kick
  • Added helper platforms for Quick Man to levels he could not complete
  • Various minor bug fixes
Super Mario Bros. Crossovergamefort

Version 2.1 - December 21, 2012

  • Made several changes to upgrade system to make game more balanced and fun
  • Increased music emulation speed by about 4.5 times
  • Added skin sets: Zelda 2, Blaster Master, Super Mario Bros. 3 SNES, Super Mario World
  • Added skins for Bass: Mr. X 8-bit, Mr. X 16-bit, Quick Man 8-bit, Quick Man 16-bit
  • Added skins for Bill: 16-bit Lance, 16-bit Bill, RC-011
  • Added skins for Link: Old Man, Zelda, Hero, Heroine
  • Added skins for Luigi: SMB2 16-bit, SMB3 16-bit, Super Mario World, Princess Peach
  • Added skins for Mario: SMB2 8-bit, SMB2 16-bit, SMB3 16-bit, Super Mario World, Toad
  • Added skins for Mega Man: Break Man 8-bit, Break Man 16-bit, Roll, Rokko Chan
  • Added skins for Ryu: Haggle Man 16-bit, Shadow
  • Added skins for Samus: Zero Suit, Pit
  • Added skins for Simon: Super Castlevania 4, Whip Skeleton
  • Added skins for Sophia: Sophia J7 Gameboy, Tetrimono
  • Some skins now behave differently than character, including Quick Man, Proto Man, and Pit
  • Added custom sound effects and flashing for Simon's Castlevania 2 skin
  • Peach and toad now change according to what character you are
  • Modified damage and health values to make game more balanced
  • Fixed bug that caused some graphics to disappear
  • Made Mega Man's charge flash animation more accurate
  • Made Luigi's physics more accurate
  • Made most characters walk at normal speed under water
  • Simon's axes now go through enemies instead of stopping
  • Made modifications to make Bowser less difficult for some characters
  • Bullet Bills now animate properly
  • Made Bowser's axe animated
  • Rearranged order that skins show up in game
  • Added extra Super Mario World animations to Mario and Luigi
  • Bullet Bills now snap to tiles
  • Added up+Attack for special moves to Simon and Ryu
  • Added down+attack special moves for Sophia III
  • Bowser's hammers are now skinnable
  • Fixed bug that stopped ammo icons from updating on skin changes
  • Many other changes and bug fixes

Version 2.031 – March 1, 2012

  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.03 – February 13, 2012

  • Added invisible skin set
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs

Version 2.02 – February 9, 2012

  • Combined Samus's Morph Ball and Bombs into one upgrade
  • Combined Link's Magic Sword and Red Ring into one upgrade
  • Removed Link's Quiver and Bomb Bag upgrades
  • Removed Samus's Missile Expansion Upgrade
  • Added option to change character skin when the game is paused
  • Fixed numerous bugs

Version 2.0 – February 8, 2012

  • Added graphics skinning system to the game
  • Added new power up system with multiple power ups per character
  • Added Bass as a playable character
  • Added Luigi as a playable character
  • Added theme system that allows different graphical themes and colors to be applied to each level
  • Added multiple skins for each character, including at least one alternate persona
  • Added support for LZMA compression. This decreases the file size.
  • Modified some characters to make them control more like their original games
  • Added music support for multiple video game music formats
  • Added new music for each skin
  • Added ability to simulate consoles by limiting skin and music choices
  • Fixed bug that caused simon to die when beating bowser with the classic Simon cheat enabled
  • Sound effects are now emulated and recorded in game
  • Redid title screen
  • Redid character select screen
  • Removed Mega Man high jump cheat and made Mega Man always jump high. Changed Rush Coil into a regular weapon.
  • Removed ability for all characters besides Mario and Luigi to stomp enemies
  • Modified health and damage values for some characters and enemies
  • Added status property system which allows enemies to be frozen and have other effects
  • Added Game Boy filter, which makes the game look like it's being played on a game boy
  • Link now flips when he jumps and has a jumping sound effect
  • Logo and disclaimer will not show up when restarting the game
  • Fixed multiple bugs

Super Mario Crossover Weebly

Version 1.2.03 – December 16, 2010

  • Changed sprites for Spike Tops. They now match the style of the other enemies. The new sprites were made by Ryuza.
  • Slightly adjusted SOPHIA’s climbing controls to make them more intuitive.
  • You can now revive characters before starting the last level in survival mode.
  • Fixed bug in cheats menu that took you to wrong menu when exiting.
  • Fixed bug with vine in coin heaven.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes freeze game after beating a level with underwater cheat activated.
  • Changed default pause button to escape. You can now use enter to choose items in the menus again.
  • Fixed bug that wouldn’t load saved button configuration.
  • Changed order of items in Game Mode Menu.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused player to fall in pit after getting axe. The last fix didn’t do it.
  • Raised height of bouncy pit activation slightly. Enemies should no longer get stuck with bouncy pit cheat activated.
  • Fixed bug that let SOPHIA fly under the level.

Version 1.2.01 – December 15, 2010

Super Mario Crossover Smbgames

  • Changed SOPHIA’s ceiling grappling controls. SOPHIA will now always grapple to the ceiling unless you hold the down button.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes made game unplayable when starting a new game.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused player to fall in pit after getting axe on Bowser levels.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused buttons to remain pressed when exiting a pipe.
  • Game now only accepts save files from version 1.2.

Version 1.2 – December 15, 2010

  • Added Survival game mode.
  • Added SOPHIA III as a playable character.
  • Cheats can now be unlocked by meeting certain conditions.
  • Changed “Simon jump,” “Samus Crouch,” and “screen scrolls left” options into classic cheats.
  • Added Mega Man High Jump Cheat.
  • Added a bunch of cheats which I’ll list later (so they’re not spoiled).
  • Enemies can now drop items when they die.
  • Added missiles for Samus.
  • Changed Ryu’s music back to how it was in the original version 1.1.
  • Added Music Set option.
  • Added Cheat Notify option.
  • Fixed collision detection bug with platforms.
  • Added “View Manual” to main menu.
  • Changed music for Character Select Screen.
  • Changed Mario’s credits music.
  • Changed default pause button to Enter key.
  • Fixed some bugs with Hammer Bros.
  • Level Select cheat can now only be accessed from the pause menu.
  • Tutorials can now easily be turned off before starting a new game.
  • Character select screen now scrolls (for fitting more characters).
  • Changed title graphic.
  • A lot of other things I don’t remember.

Version 1.1.03 – September 22, 2010

Super mario crossover weeblySuper mario crossover smbgames
  • Fixed bug that caused game to be unplayable in newest version of Flash (

Super Mario Bros Crossover Weebly

Version 1.1.02 – June 29, 2010

  • Changed Simon’s jump option to three different types: easy, hard, and classic.
  • Changed Ryu’s music.
  • Mega Man can slide continuously.
  • Mega Man can slide over small gaps.
  • Mario can run over small gaps.
  • Fixed a bug that made Lakitu reappear if he went offscreen.
  • Fixed a bug that made you bounce if other objects bounced on a nearby spring.
  • Mushrooms can now be bounced in opposite direction depending on their position.
  • Fixed bug that stopped mushrooms from bouncing when you hit the block they are on.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes messed up screen scroll after getting axe on Bowser levels.
  • Falling platforms now fall when Ryu climbs on them.
  • Time now stops when you get the axe on Bowser levels.
  • Time now stops when player dies.
  • Ryu can no longer stomp enemies while climbing.
  • Ryu jumps lower while under water.

Super Mario Bros Crossover Game

Version 1.1.01 – June 25, 2010

  • Fixed bug that killed you instantly on 8-4 if you didn’t move after coming out of the final pipe.
  • Fixed load game bug (old save files will not be compatible).
  • Changed default controls.

Version 1.1 – June 25, 2010

  • Added Ryu Hayabusa as a playable character.
  • Music is now emuated through an NSF player using Game Music Emu.
  • Optimized game engine to make it run faster (but it will run slower than before due to NSF player).
  • Options menu added.
  • Samus can now crouch. Functionality can be turned on or off in options menu.
  • Simon can now change direction in midair. This can be enabled or disabled in the options menu.
  • Link can now attack in all four directions.
  • Mega Man can summon Rush Coil and his jump height has been decreased.
  • Added difficulty settings to the game: super easy, easy, normal, hard, and extreme
  • Added a new enemy, Spike Top, to Extreme mode. Spike Top sprites drawn by J Squared.
  • Added the ability to play the whole game as a single character.
  • Added cheats: level select, water mode, invincible, and infinite lives
  • Added option to turn off timer.
  • Added option to mute sfx and music.
  • Added option to disable left screen scrolling.
  • Added menu option for quitting the game.
  • Added “load game” to pause menu.
  • Added disclaimer to title screen.
  • Added more music and changed some old music.
  • Added in better Samus and Simon climbing sprites drawn by Jay Squared and Berserk X 33
  • Decreased file size through different compression techniques.
  • Fixed bug about Lakitu and Bowser getting stunned.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused ground to disappear after continuing.
  • Fixed bug that stopped Mega Man’s charge shot and Simon’s axes even when they killed Koopas.
  • Fixed flashing speed of coins and item blocks to match Super Mario Bros.
  • Added random selection to character select.
  • Fixed Link’s boomerang throw point while in air.
  • Changed undestructable bricks into coin blocks.
  • Fixed coin symbol blinking bug on intro levels.
  • Made projectiles disappear when you touch the flag pole.
  • Bowser in 8-4 now throws hammers and shoots fireballs.
  • Firebar collision detection has been changed to match Super Mario Bros. and make them less annoying.
  • Fixed bug causing Mario to not be able to move while swimming and being pulled into pit.
  • Mega Man can now cancel slide and can sort of tiptoe.
  • Made piranha plants come out of pipes faster.
  • Changed Samus’s power up order.
  • Fixed Mega Man standing sprite.
  • Fixed bug that messed up game if you touched flag with star power.
  • Made score remain on game over screen.
  • Fixed Mega Man disappearing bug in clouds.
  • Fixed Mega Man sliding bug that sometimes caused him to get stuck.
  • Fixed Samus bomb jumping bug that caused her to get stuck in walls.
  • Pressing pause during character select now mutes and unmutes music.
  • Added bullet reflecting sounds/animations to Mega Man and Samus.
  • Changed fall speed of mushrooms so that they will hopefully follow the same paths as in Super Mario Bros.
  • Made the game more awesome.
  • Did a bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember because I don’t write stuff down as I do it.

Version 1.0.02 – April 29, 2010

  • Attempted to fix disappearing ground bug, but failed.
  • Made Samus’s bombs blow up faster to more closely match Metroid.
  • Completely removed “report a bug” and “submit” feedback features.
  • Made a few other minor adjustments I can’t remember.

Version 1.0.01 – April 27, 2010

  • Disabled “Report a bug” and “Submit feedback” features because they weren’t working on Newgrounds.
Super Mario Bros. Crossovergamefort

Version 1.0 – April 27, 2010

  • First Release