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Sales Activation & Representation

With data collected in-store and analyzed by our team Survey prescribes opportunities for growth. Survey will then deploy their trained workforce to those targeted locations to get brands products activated on shelves.

  • The online survey tools are incredibly user-friendly, and the survey proposition is far more useful than we ever thought it was going to be. SurveyPlanet has enabled us to obtain important information easily and in a format that is powerful and unambiguous.
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  • SHRM - The Voice of All Things Work.

Merchandising & Execution

Survey extends your merchandising presence and capabilities through a local workforce with national coverage. This localized national coverage lets Survey get to stores, solve issues, and create value faster.

Retail Data & Intelligence

Survey prescribes specific, targeted, actionable insights based on inventory, pricing, promo compliance, historical analytics, and proprietary data to help our clients win on the shelf.

Demo & Brand Ambassadors

The Survey platform connects customers to a nationwide team of highly trained brand ambassadors. Combining that team with our in-store data creates a differentiated Experiential Marketing solution.

Survey’s unique technology platform leverages 600,000+ member on-demand workforce to drive client growth, deliver high value services, collect valuable market research, and provide data-driven insights.

Our community of vetted and graded local reps provide unparalleled speed and coverage to stores nationwide. Proprietary matching algorithms then identify the right person with the right skills for the right job. The mobile enabled team then collects shelf-level data that is then run through our Quality Assurance Protocol of both computer and human checks. Finally, the historical and real-time data is combined to give customers retail analytics and recommended growth strategies.

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Survey’s unique combination of experience in-store, historical shelf-level data, templated execution, and proprietary machine learning algorithms enables our clients to win at the shelf.

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Survey may refer to:

Survey junkie

Statistics and human research[edit]

  • Statistical survey, a method for collecting quantitative information about items in a population
  • Survey (human research), including opinion polls
Survey&&&&& Larong Pinoy

Spatial measurement[edit]

  • Surveying, the technique and science of measuring positions and distances on Earth

Types and methods[edit]

  • Photogrammetry, a method of collecting information using aerial photography and satellite images
  • Cadastral surveyor, used to document land ownership, by the production of documents, diagrams, plats, and maps
    • Dominion Land Survey, the method used to divide most of Western Canada into one-square-mile sections for agricultural and other purposes
    • Public Land Survey System, a method used in the United States to survey and identify land parcels
    • Survey township, a square unit of land, six miles (~9.7 km) on a side, done by the U.S. Public Land Survey System
  • Construction surveying, the locating of structures relative to a reference line, used in the construction of buildings, roads, mines, and tunnels
  • Deviation survey, used in the oil industry to measure a borehole's departure from the vertical
  • Archaeological field survey, the collection of information by archaeologists prior to excavation

Geospatial survey organizations[edit]

  • Institut Géographique National, a French state establishment which produces and maintains geographical information for France and its territories
  • Survey of India, India's central agency in charge of mapping and surveying
  • Ordnance Survey, a national mapping agency for Great Britain
  • U.S. National Geodetic Survey, performing geographic surveys as part of the U.S. Department of Commerce

Geological surveys[edit]

  • Geological survey, an investigation of the subsurface of the ground to create a geological map or model


  • Cave survey, the three-dimensional mapping of caverns
  • Geophysical survey, the systematic collection of geophysical data for spatial studies
  • Hydrographic survey, the gathering of information about navigable waters for the purposes of safe navigation of vessels
  • Soil survey, the mapping of the properties and varieties of soil in a given area

Geological survey organizations[edit]

  • British Geological Survey, a body which carries out geological surveys and monitors the UK landmass
  • United States Geological Survey, a government scientific research agency which studies the landscape of the United States

Astronomical surveys[edit]

  • Astronomical survey, imaging or mapping regions of the sky
    • Durchmusterung, a German word for a systematic survey of objects or data, generally used in astronomy
    • Redshift survey, an astronomical survey of a section of the sky to calculate the distance of objects from Earth

Other types of survey[edit]

Survey&& Larong Pinoy Tv

  • Site survey, inspection of an area where work is proposed
  • Vessel safety survey, required for ships
  • Survey article, a scholarly publication to summarize an area of research

Survey Definition

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