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The Last Stand, a free online Action game brought to you by Armor Games. Survive the night fighting off zombies from your barricade. Survive longer than a day by making use of the daylight hours effectively by:.Repairing your barricade.Searching for weapons.Looking for other survivors to help repair.Search and Defend the barricade. Features: - 20 Days & Nights of Game play -11 different. Play The Last Stand 2, the sequel to the awesome zombie shooter game. The story continues as you defend yourself from oncoming hordes of zombies attacking during the night. Make your way to Union City to escape the mainland within 40 days and nights.

The Last Stand 2 Guide

The Last Stand 2 Guide:


Last Stand 2 starts us off from where Last Stand 1 ended. The helicopter you took was crashed, and you were the only survivor. You have to get to Union City within 40 days, or the ships waiting at the city will leave without you and the other survivors. The new game introduces new weapons and variety into the game. This guide was written by Matt Mfuc, our newest member of the Kongregate Central Team. All our guides are hand-written, not copies of another website.
The Zombies/Enemies:

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Normal Zombie: A slow walking, and moving, weak zombie that can easily be taken out with headshots or a couple of rounds in its body. It doesn’t pose much of a threat unless in mass numbers.
Running Zombie: A running zombie that poses some threat if they come in numbers. It is extremly weak and easy to take out with a headshot, but poses a threat if two to four of them charge at once.
SWAT/Army Zombie: These zombies aren’t much of a threat if you know how to beat them. The SWAT zombie can be taken out either by its head or by the legs. The army zombie can also be taken out by the legs too, but a quicker way would be a hunting rifle in its neck.
Dog Zombie: Fastest of all zombies and enemies, but luckily for you they are weak and will drop with 1-2 shots from any gun

Weaponary/Guns Guide:
1. Starting Pistol: Fast reload, fast shooting, normal distance, but weak damage on zombies. Takes half a round to take out a zombie if aiming for the body. Its reloading is okay, but the cartridge is smaller than other guns out there. Just keep shooting until zombies drop. Once you get on higher levels and cities, avoid using the pistol.
2. Revolver: This gun is a powerful baby. Its damage is high, and can usuallly take out zombies with headshots or body shots. It is also a one hit kill for zombie dogs, and one hit kills to the head for most zombies. However, its reloading is slow, and the fire rate, and the cartridge is slow, so I only recommend using this when there only a few zombies on the screen.
3. Chainsaw: This weapon is okay. Its not that good but it does have some bad sides. Its damage is high for zombies, and can drop any zombie within 5 seconds. However, its range is limited, so you have to wait for them to get close. The reload time is kinda of a pain in the ass, but it all depends on what kind of person you are.
3. Standard Shotgun: This baby has an extremly high damage is all pellets hit the same target. However, the reloading is very annoying, but the damage is good. However, aming for the legs is best when using this. I would recommend giving it to a survivor, becasue they are good with the shotgun and rarely have to reload.
4. Uzi: A quick machine gun that has a good cartridge, medium damage, and quick reload. You can use this as a spraying gun, and just keep left click down until they drop. Its a very reliable weapon.
5. UMP 45: This standard machine gun is okay, but its cartridge is smaller than the Uzi’s, and the damage is slightly less strong as the Uzi. This gun isn’t very good, and I would recommend using the Uzi instead, and giving it to survivors isn’t that good either because survivors only fire a few shots every 10 seconds.
6. Compound bow: This bow rocks. It has a quick reload, a quick and pwoerful damage, and its reliable. Aim for the upper head and chest and they will eat the dust on the floor. Its reliable, but you can’t give it to survivors. Its useful, but there are better choices out there.
7. Sawn-off Shotgun: This shotgun has a very small cartridge, so its not that useful. Its good for groups, and does a reasonable amount of damage, but you can’t realy on it as well as the Uzi or the Hunting Rifle. Its good if you give it to survivors.
8. Hunting rifle: This is the best weapon you can get in any of the 3 starting cities. Its reload may be slow and annoy people, but if you aim well, you can score headshots on any zombie. Its good for SWAT/army zombies, dog zombies, and even old zombies.
9. M4a1: This army-issued machine gun gets an average rating from Yishan. Why? Just imagine the UMP 45 and the Uzi mixed together except without the same punch from the Uzi, and the firing rate and clip of the UMP 45. Its not that good, and using the Uzi is a much better decision.
10. AK-47: Although the fire rate is higher on the AK-47, its still nto much of a better choice. You’d be better off with the bow or the Uzi. Its fire rate is quick and fast, and so is the reload, but the damage doesn’t kill enough zombies in one clip.
11. M2 Minime: A minigun that lives up to the standard. Seriously, there’s nothing to explain here. Just spray and watch the bodies fall. Its fun, and useful. It has an amazing clip and damage and fire rate.
12. RPG: Probably the most fun weapon. Just keep on reloading and clickong, and wach the bodies fly randomly around the screen. Instant death!

The Guide: Well the game is pretty hard at first but you will pick up the gameplay and be shooting zombies like its your job. The first city is pretty easy so just use the guns you have and plow threw them. Some people will say you should go through every city searching every house, This is stupid and i assure you that you wont complete it. Most people think you have infinate time to complete the game, you have 40 days.To search every building in every city would take 55+ i did it on my first attempt and was sad that i ran out of time just before union city. So the thing you want to do is go to each city and only search the shops. E.g department stores, corner shop and gun shops and bank. This will find you guns,save time and most definatly find you survivors and give you enough time to complete the game. You only find guns from shops and most people don’t realise this. Making you own combo of weapons is important my favourites will probaly be nothing like yours each person has a different play style and different opinons. Eqip your survivors with weapons will help you survive that little bit longer. don’t just give your survivors machine guns, Varie there weapons for the best output.As you progres it will get allot harder all of a sudden wen you reach the last 3 cities so try your best and don’t slack of going for headshots for show or you will be dead in a second. Make sure to always upgrade your barricade to its fullest % befoe any battle,
it is your only protection against those creatures.

For Jonestown: Don’t use any traps for any cities before Jonestown. Instead keep to the Hunting Rifle and put traps that you accumulated up. However, it is important that you get the Hunting Rifle from the farming area. Search every place until you get it. It is very important, and then when you get to Jonestwon, keep on putting traps everywhere.

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