Thing Thing Arena 2free Flash Games

Thing Thing Arena 2free Flash Games

Game description: Thing Thing Arena 2 is a shooting game on in which you fight against different opponents and try to survive in various conditions. You can select sentry bomber survival, stinky bean survival, zombie survival, super survival, ultimate survival or practice mode. You can also create your own hairstyle, wears, and characters. Avoid being bitten, hit, or shot by your enemies. Once the game starts, you are located at a big machine factory. You will shoot zombies, gunship, terrorists, elite soldiers, stinky beans, or boss robots in different modes. You can use the arrow keys to move and jump for dodging the bullets from your opponents. As for the weapons, you can use or pick up Five-Seven, Automaq 44AMP, P-90, FN SCAR, SPAS-12, Auto 12, HK69, HF Laser Pistol, Gauss Gun, Mini-Vulcan and other machineguns and sub machineguns. Try to collect special items for bonus, for example, a clock item can froze the time within which enemies can not move. You can use that period to eliminate them. Are you clear? Good luck!

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Thing Thing Arena 2free Flash Games

Game title :Thing Thing Arena 2

Game author :Diseased Productions

ThingThing Thing Arena 2free Flash Games

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Thing Thing Arena 2free Flash Games

Game ID for Thing Thing Arena 2 :841

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Best game screen resolution: 550 x 400 fullscreen