Unison Mac 'panic' Manual

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Unison newsreader highlights:

  • Mac Usenet browser
  • Read, look, listen, download
  • Find groups, read messages
  • Skips unneeded recovery sets
  • Built in Par / Rar tools
  • Unison search browser

Unison home page:

Unison newsreader details:

  • Search for relevant groups, find files, NZB’s
  • Add your favorite groups to the sidebar
  • Enable auto-loading and offline reading for groups
  • Thread view lets you read all messages at once
  • Gives text threads an email look and feel
  • View and post messages in HTML or plain text
  • Unison groups files together for downloading
  • See all file types in one view
  • Unison skips unneeded recovery sets
  • Search browser for finding files and NZB’s
  • Built in PAR / RAR processing
  • Upload binaries in one click

Operating systems support:

  • Windows: No
  • Mac: Yes (Mac OSX)
  • Linux: No


  • Unison 2 (new install) – $29
  • Unison 2 (upgrade) – $18

Tech support:

This guide will walk you through setting up Panic Unison to work with UseNetServer servers. If you haven’t already signed up for Usenet access then take a look at UNS. They offer days of binary retention, connections, SSL encryption and servers in the US and Europe. NGR visitors receive a special price of $10/mo. or $95/yr.

*Keep Note, you will need a Mac with OSX to run this software

Unison Mac

Step 1 – Downloading and Running Unison Installer

Go to Panic’s site and download the latest version of Unison. Double Click the Unison install icon (Figure 1)

Select Configure under Configure Your Access (Figure 2)

Unison Mac 'panic' Manual Pdf

Figure 2 – Configure Your Access

Enter in your Server, Username, and Password and hit OK (Figure 3)

Unison Mac 'panic' Manual Software

Unison mac

Unison Mac 'panic' Manual User

Figure 3 – Unison (NNTP Server Setup)

Unison Mac 'panic' Manual Download

The setup screen includes everything you need to get up and running. Simply enter the information as follows:
Server: enter in news.usenetserver.com
Username and Password: provided in email
– click OK

It’s that simple to configure Panic’s Unison for UNS. Enjoy!