Use Instagram To Promote Your Health And Fitness Site

In the modern age of social media, anyone can call themselves a health and fitness guru. Applications such as Instagram have been the main source of generating business for solopreneurs like myself. Today we are going to learn how to promote your fitness brand on Instagram.If you post a few pictures and videos looking the part in order to promote your fitness brand, you’ll attract followers. These followers will then in turn request services from these individuals.

But there can be more to Instagram than just having a bit of social-media-style fun. You can also use it to successfully promote your business or your brand. Today, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. That is 1 billion people that you have access to for free! Electronic fitness trackers can motivate people to stay with exercise and weight-loss programs. The companion apps store data and allow it to be shared with friends, family, and health care providers.

Influencer marketing is at its best on Instagram, and you can use it to connect with more prospects. Start by identifying influencers in your gym community, and then ask them to post about workouts and classes at your gym. According to a recent study, Instagram gives brands and celebrities up to 400% more engagement than Facebook. That’s an incredible opportunity for health and fitness companies to produce content for their prospects and followers. Here’s how some of the best are winning big on their own social media strategy. Finally, when it comes time to establish a name for your health and wellness business, first make sure that the name is available through your state's Secretary of State directory and then develop your logo and website to promote your new business. To help you with your name, you can also use a business name generator to help you come up with.


With the fitness industry constantly evolving, no one is questioning credentials. But not many are aware of how to generate such an income when the market is oversaturated. So, the question remains: how do you set yourself apart from other online businesses who are in the same field?

Use Instagram To Promote Your Health And Fitness Site

Use Instagram To Promote Your Health And Fitness Site Login

Step One: Find your niche.

Use Instagram To Promote Your Health And Fitness Site

You have to find a target market. Once you’ve identified who your target audience is, you should start doing your research. Search hashtags and the web to see how others may be possibly generating their income.

Step Two: Use hashtags.

Hashtags help increase your following. Many people search hashtags to determine what’s cool. If what you’re offering is something worth talking about, this will help you tremendously.

Use Instagram To Promote Your Health And Fitness Site Officiel

Step Three: Make your profile public!

Private pages will not show up in hashtag searches. Private pages will not help you. Show the world what you have to offer! It’s acceptable to use an alternate name when initially creating your Instagram account.

Step Four: Stay trendy.


You’ll notice a lot of the same products everywhere (i.e. Herbalife, Flat Tummy Tea, It Works, etc.) And with that comes your potential clients. If you want to join in and sell the products, that’s perfectly fine as well. But in the end, make sure that you always do what’s best for you and your business.

Use Instagram To Promote Your Health And Fitness Sites

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