What Does Color Say About Your Brand?


If your clothes could talk, here’s what they would reveal. Here, see what your favorite color says about you. See full list on oberlo.com. The use of color can be a powerful way to guide the associations consumers have about a brand, but how and why certain colors are used can often be perplexing. The color red is the perfect example. When it is used as a primary color for McDonald’s, red is meant to energize and attract the attention of potential customers. Mar 07, 2007 Furthermore, color plays a huge role in memory recall. It stimulates all the senses, instantly conveying a message like no other communication method. Choosing the right dominant color for your. The importance of colour in marketing cannot be overestimated. The Marketing Mix look at how colours make us feel and why big brands have chosen their partic.

Friday, May 20, 2016

When it comes to identifying a brand, color is often the first thing that people recognize. Color plays an important role in a customer’s perception of your company, right down to the hues you have chosen for your website’s design.

What does color say about your brand

Psychologists and color experts say that color has significant impacts on mood, impulse, and even physiological reactions. So, it can inadvertently affect a potential customer’s purchasing habits due to innate reactions. What reaction, feeling, or style does your company’s logo or website convey?

Red - the “Take Action” color

What Does Color Say About Your Brand?

A powerful color, red is often associated with boldness, passion, and determination. The color itself is incredibly stimulating: the bright, warm hue can be energizing and exciting. Red is said to boost metabolism, raise blood pressure and stimulate impulse. Choose red to capitalize on its high visibility and impulse-driving properties.

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Orange - Red’s Kid Cousin

Orange is a color bursting with cheerfulness and confidence. Orange has the same liveliness as red, but is much less aggressive and alarming. The color is also unique and not often seen in corporate settings. Want to stand out from the crowd? Choose orange to stimulate mental activity in a vibrant and energetic way and draw attention to your brand.

Yellow - A Ray of Sunshine

The color of sunshine, yellow is associated with joy, happiness, and pleasant feelings. It also sparks innovation and inspires the mind to create, as well as encourage communication. Yellow is the brightest color that the human eye can see, making it an attention-getter: it stands out better than any other color against a dark background. However, all good things must be used in moderation: color experts say that if used in excess, yellow can be a bit unsettling.

Green - Get Growing!

Green is mainly interpreted in two ways: either natural and fresh, or associated with money. No matter the interpretation or connection, this color symbolizes growth and harmony. In all, green is a stable and safe color, which could be a good message for your brand to convey.

Blue - This Color Means Business

Depending on the shade of blue, this color can be translated in many different ways. Light blues are tranquil and often associated with truth and knowledge, and are seen as clean, fresh, and calming to the eye. Dark blues are trustworthy, deep and intelligent. Color experts say blue creates a sense of security and trust in a brand. It is often used in corporate settings because of its stability, dependability, and productivity-enhancing qualities.

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Purple - Make Way for the King of Colors

Purple is rich and vibrant, often associated with royalty, wisdom, and even magic. Purple can also be playful, promoting creativity and imagination. Despite its depth and extravagance, however, many people view purple as a more youthful and feminine color, especially light purple. This color can be used to soothe and calm, yet in bolder hues can represent an innovative and imaginative brand.

Brown - Earthy and Cool

The color brown is down-to-earth, yet serious. The earthiness of brown evokes feelings of protection, structure, and support, and is often used to promote health and practicality. This neutral tone is also seen as friendly and welcoming since it isn’t too bright or dramatic. Although brown is associated with many positive feelings, some see it as a bit dull; it doesn’t grab attention like many other colors do. Use brown to ground your brand and as a complement to other meaningful colors.

Black - The Mysterious Anti-Color

What Does Color Say About Your Brand?

Depending on the use, black can mean several different things. Most people associate black with darkness and evil, but the world of branding has changed that. In marketing, black is seen as sleek, elegant, and classy. Black is stylish and timeless, yet mysterious. When combined with other colors, it creates a strong contrast and can be very impactful.

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No matter which color you choose, the design experts at Archer can help create a brand identity that communicates your unique vision, mission, and personality. From logo design to web development, our full-service marketing team can deliver an impactful and successful branding strategy.