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Be Your Own Boss What does Being Your Own Boss mean to you? When creating It’s Your Life Changes,I wanted to come up with an ideal lifestyle change that anyone could do, even a parent and grandmother (Gigi), and like me. This one can be especially confusing, but usually it means your boss wants you to hold yourself more accountable. Your boss may want you to care more about whether or not the end product gets. It’s bold to characterize anything as the explanation or solution, so it’s a risky move to make such definitive assertions as “this is the one thing all great managers do.” But with enough. When you become your own boss, you join 54 million other people who enjoy the flexibility and perks that come from working independently. It's important to understand that freelancing is more than a hobby, it is a small business.

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What it means to be your own boss as a

by Lucy Moore

Dreaming of an old boss is often about you thinking about people in power in your life. Or perhaps you are focusing on certain rules and regulations at work or guidelines you have set for yourself personally or at home.

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Perhaps there have been some new policies put in place in your workplace, you have set yourself a goal to reach that's just for you- or you and your partner have been putting plans in place to reach another milestone in your relationship.

It can also show that you are having to go 'back to basics' in your current job in order to move forward. Maybe you have moved offices and have to settle into your new environment or you have to tackle something simple before you are able to build upon it and deal with the more complex issues.

If you dream about a boss whom you worked well with, this is generally good and helpful to you.

If they were praising you then it could mean something good is coming your way at work; a promotion, more money or a new business decision that will benefit you and your colleagues in some way.

Seeing your boss from your old job usually links in with what was happening at the time you worked for them and is repeating itself now. Perhaps a relationship started while you were working for them or something significant in your life happened while they were your superior that has arisen again.

You might have seen them on social media and what they are doing relates to what is going on in your life right now.

If you are going through a lot of stress at work at the moment, it could be that seeing your old boss is a reminder to you to keep focused and your head own until the job is finished.

Dreaming about your boss is usually a sign that you asserting yourself to make a big decision in your life. It is about empowering yourself to have the authority to act on your goals and take control of your own destiny.

You may be having trouble handling the needs and wants of a person in a superior position to you too and feel you can't tell them- this could be your boss or someone else of authority.

It could also mean that you are so absorbed by your career that your home life is suffering and you need to spend more time on creating a better work/life balance.

Dreaming about your boss may also reflect your feelings of not being able to express your true self in your day to day working life. Perhaps you need to talk to your boss about training or a promotion if you feel you're not reaching your true potential?

Fighting with your boss in a dream implies that you might be dealing with some inner conflict or guilt. It may be time to bring it to the surface and take action or at the very least bring it to the forefront of your mind and have the courage to at least look at it.

You may also have been suppressing your true feelings about something in the workplace or at home. Now might be the time to be honest with someone in your personal life or to discuss your options with a superior.

It could also be a reflection of an ongoing fight you are having in your waking life with a friend or family member. Your unconscious may be telling you it's time to find a resolution for the problems you have been having with others or something you have been wrestling with inside.

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How To Start Your Own Delivery Business

Trying to find an idea for a new business can be challenging. For those that want the freedom of being a small business owner without reinventing the wheel, a delivery business may be a good fit for you. Starting your own delivery business is a great way to be your own boss and make a respectable living without a lot of hassle. With low start-up costs, especially if you already have a vehicle, starting a delivery service is a very achievable goal, and here are a few tips to get you on your way.
1. Get a Truck or a Van
There is a large market for both new and used trucks and vans. Finding the right one can be difficult without any guidance. Luckily for you, there are several resources out there reviewing the top choices for cargo vans and trucks. Cargo vans, box trucks, and pickup trucks are the best vehicles to use for this business. Fuel efficient vehicles are recommended as you will be racking up a lot of miles on your delivery routes. The Chevy Express Van, Ford Transit Cargo Van and the Mercedes Sprinter are popular options for delivery drivers.

2. Get Equipment
Once you have your truck or a van you are half way to starting your local delivery business. Now it’s time start thinking about what type of equipment you need. Depending on the job, you may have a need for all of these tools that make moving large items simple. One of the main tools for delivery drivers is a hand truck or a dolly. The are different types of Dollys such as a moving dolly or appliance dolly. The more tools you have, the more jobs you will be able to accept. Securing the cargo is very important to ensure that you don’t damage the items that you are carrying for your customers.A set of ratchet straps are a must have for every delivery professional. For additional tie downs you should keep extra Bungee Cords nearby. Moving blankets are also essential to protect the items that you are carrying for customers. Spending $11.99 on moving blankets is much cheaper than having to replace a broken item. For used furniture deliveries and moving we recommend wrapping items in stretch wrap for extra protection. If you have a pickup truck, using a tarp to protect from rain and a red flag to attach to the end is recommended.

3. Name Your Business
The name of your business is very important. It has to be creative and unique. Once you name your business it’s time to set up your company from a legal standpoint. This may sound difficult but there are resources to make it easy such as LegalZoom. You will need to determine which business structure is best for you. Many people who are the only owner of the business will choose a sole proprietorship. If you have partners an LLC may be better. Consulting with an accountant and an attorney before making this choice is recommended. LegalZoom is also a good source of info on these types of business structures.

4. Marketing Your Delivery Business
You got your truck, your equipment now you just need customers. Getting your name out there is an important step when trying to get your business of the ground. Let your family and friends know that you are open for business using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Build yourself a website and make sure that the site is easy to find when people are searching on Google. This is called search engine optimization. Another way to get your name out there is through local small businesses. Personally stop in and let them know that if they have customers that need help transporting large items, you are available. This means you will need to buy some business cards and flyers to leave behind. Follow those basic marketing tips and you are well on your way to securing your first customer.

5. Build Your Reputation
Once you have your first job set up, it is time to execute. Keep in mind that although the customer may not know it, they are most likely going to need your services again. Establishing repeat customers will help to build a sustainable business. Providing a high level of customer service is very important. That means communicating with the customer every step of the way. Dress professionally and make sure you keep your vehicle looking and running clean. If you do a great job, they will use you again and recommend you to their friends.

6. Insurance
Business owners should always consider the appropriate type of insurance to protect your business in case of an accident. In the delivery business you will need insurance for your vehicle, cargo insurance and possibly liability insurance as well. Having an insurance policy is also essential for building trust with customers. Many businesses and individuals will avoid working with a delivery company that is under insured. Contact a local commercial insurance broker to find out how much it will cost to insure your business. This cost may vary based on location, types of deliveries you make, and the perceived risk.

What It Means To Be Your Own Boss

7. Join The GoShare Team
There is only so much you can do operating by yourself. Some common challenges you will face are building trust, accepting payments, and finding new customers. GoShare is a platform that connects drivers with trucks and vans to people and businesses who need a same day delivery service. GoShare is a trusted partner that handles payments, provides supplemental cargo insurance, and has an expert team of marketers generating demand from new customers. You can learn more and apply to become a GoShare driver by clicking this link.

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8. Save Your Receipts
As a small business owner, tracking your expenses is very important. Some expenses related to operating your business may be used as a tax write off. This can include this like: gas, equipment and your mobile phone (We are not accountants and this may not be true in all cases. Check with your accountant for details). Using an app like Expsensify is easy and useful for keeping track of your receipts and expenses.

What It Means To Be Your Own Boss At Work

Written by: Bradford Mannion & Shaun Savage