White Induction Cooktop 36

Last year I researched where you could buy white induction cooktops. The result was that I found 3 brands which are really white. The huge problem that I have encountered is that I couldn’t recommend retailers in the US where people could buy these items from. I even contacted Amazon and they said that they will take into account the suggestion. It was the same for Walmart; I couldn’t find any white items browsing their online store.

White 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

GE Profile™ 36' Built-In Touch Control Induction Cooktop. Share: GE Profile™ 36' Built-In Touch Control Induction Cooktop. Model #: PHP9036DJBB. Browse 30' and 36' induction cooktops and stovetops from Electrolux. Our induction cooktops have great temperature control, fast boiling, and more. 36' Induction Cooktop EW36IC60LS ElectroluxNA.

So this year I decided to redo the research and find the retailers, even if they are not located in US but I got lucky and I have found one model to be sold by an US retailer.

I have found eight models priced from 500 USD to 3000 USD.

Let’s take each of them and see what their characteristics are and then I’ll do a comparison chart to check the differences.

  1. White Induction Cooktop 365 Every induction cooktop and induction range in Consumer Reports’ tests delivers fast cooktop heat and superb simmering. The power and precision of the technology comes from an electromagnetic field below the glass cooktop surface that transfers current directly to magnetic cookware, causing it to heat up.
  2. Here, we've highlighted the best induction range in our ratings, as well as the best 30-inch and 36-inch induction cooktops. Best Induction Ranges and Cooktops From CR's Tests.

1. Electrolux EW36CC55GW Hybrid White Induction Cooktop

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And include on your list the versatile Electrolux EW36CC55GW Hybrid White Induction Cooktop with professional level performance technology for meals that are going to be ready and on the table faster than ever before.

It is a big difference between induction cooking and any other alternative. Induction is more responsive than a gas cooktop, for example, and offers you the possibility to simply and instantly adjust the heat to a delicate simmer or bring to a quick boil.

Now, it is not impossible to prepare delicate dishes like a professional chef and whether you are making sauce or melting chocolate, you can do so with the careful precision they require.

This cooktop is going to automatically adapt to different cookware sizes and this ensures you consistent heating on all pots and pans for improved cooking results.

For setting the heat to your exact needs, you can choose from 25 digital preset touch settings and forget about any preheating required.

White induction cooktop 36

You get 3400 watts of power from the 10” element and this will make you conserve energy when you use the 6” element for smaller pots and pans.

And of course, the three electric elements are exactly what you need for additional cooking surfaces when you want to prepare big meals.

White 36 inch induction cooktop

2. Miele KM 6349 Brilliant White Induction Cooktop

If you want a white cooktop, you may also consider KM 6349 Flush-Mount Induction Cooktop.

This time, you are going to meet an induction cooktop with onset controls with a PowerFlex cooking zone for maximum versatility and performance. It also features a modern design with 752 mm wide for flush-fit installation.

Enjoy food always cooked to perfection as it includes keeping warm function for an ideal serving. And it can communicate with range hood through the automatic function [email protected] 2.0 and this will guarantee you a perfect atmosphere in your kitchen even when cooking.

It is very important to measure your appliance cavity prior to purchase to ensure your chosen appliance will fit; otherwise, a restocking fee may apply for returned appliances due to incorrect size purchase.

So, make sure you consider the dimension of the cooktop: 1.8 cm (h) x 75.2 cm (w) x 49.2 cm (d).
For rapid heat-up times, you get the TwinBooster that provides the necessary heat in a quick time whatever you choose to cook.

You have also a 3-in-1 PowerFlex area that can be used as two separate designed to fit your needs in terms of cooking.


With the auto heat-up features, you learn how you can reduce the initial power boost to prevent burning: just use the DirectSelection sensor controls with timers and Stop&Go in order to better control the heat for your sophisticated or daily meals.

3. SMEG SAI60MW White Induction Cooktop

SMEG SAI60MW White Induction Cooktop is what you need if you are interested in induction cooktops with four induction cooking zones.

With two zones on the left and two zones on the right, the user can experience the Smeg’s Surface Share technology that guarantees the possibility to combine the cooking zones and to operate them with a single control. Isn’t magnificent?

Which it is really incredible is the fact that Smeg’s Surface Share zones are known as being the largest available and square in shape and this means that every part of the zone to the edge is usable and say goodbye to any cold spots.

So bring any shape of pan (long, large, irregular or rectangular) and of course, any number of pans on the single shared surface.

For each zone of cooking, you have an ergonomic Active Surface Control slider and this allows you to choose to touch directly or finger swipe up and down the 1 to 9 power levels with no tapping required.

Try automatic cooking and so, each zone is going to heat to full power and then to automatically reduce to the level you have selected.

If you consider the safety a very important aspect when it comes to cooking, you should have in mind the fact that this Smeg SAI60mw 60cm induction cooktop provides automatic spillage stop, touch control locks, child safety locks and residual heat indicators.

Once you forget about boil-overs, it is very easy to clean the cooktop: just simply wipe with a damp cloth.

4. Brandt TI118W 23.6 inches/60 cm

This is a built-in induction cooktop from Brandt with a Schott Ceran ceramic surface.

It has three burners which can be controlled by digital buttons which are placed at the front.

The total power is 7200 W. The biggest burner has 3600W power and a diameter of 28cm. You need to connect the item to a 220-240 outlet. The item is in the shape of a square in a size of 51cm (20 inches).

The weight is 14kg and the package is 15kg.

The guarantee is for 1 year.

Manufacturer says you can cook any type of meal.

The item has 10 security features and some of them are: overheating, lock control, auto turn off, pan detection, weak power.

5. Gorenje IT 641 ORA-W 23.6″

This white built-in induction cooktop from Gorenje has great numbers and is not very expensive. I think for the brand, which guarantees the quality, is one of the best priced items.
The item looks very slick and would fit with any white kitchen furniture.

You get a total power of 7400 KW. On the front there is an LCD display which informs the user about the time, temperature, settings, functions etc. It has four cooking zones. The location of the controls is on the front edge. The surface is Schott Ceran ceramic glass.

There are interesting functions like: Timer – you can set the time for every zone, Child Lock, Residual Heat Indicator – there is a light which makes you aware that a zone is still dangerous to touch.

The weight is 10kg for these dimensions: Width: 60cm (23.6 inches), Height 4cm (1.57 inches), Length 51cm (20 inches).
The gross weight is 12kg.

6. Bosch PIB672F17E

Bosch is another well know brand which has a white induction cooktop. The cooktop has 4 cooking zone with a power of 7200W. The surface is ceramic glass. The controls are digital and placed at front for easy access. There are two types of cooking zones: simple and oval. The oval zone will auto start when you place the pot on it. The residual Heat Indicator alerts the user if a zone is still hot (appears for every cooking zone).
Even if the cooktop is off the display will show the “h” or “H” for hot zones.

The lock control function can be used to avoid an unwanted start-up of the cooktop if you have kids or pets.
The Power Boost function will help to heat large quantities of water very fast – faster than using the power 9 level – and you will save half the time. This function can be used for any cooking zone but the pair cooking zone should not be in use. The cooktop is split into 2 zones, left and right.

The time function will help set up the time for every cooking zone. When the time is up you will hear a sound and the cooking zone will turn off. This function can also be used like a warning clock and can be set for a maximum of 99 minutes. Using this will not turn off the cooking zone when the time is up.

If you want to clean the control panel and the cooktop is working you should use the cleaning protection function which locks the controls for 35 seconds.
Auto shut off in case the cooktop is working for a long time.


You can see the energy consumption for the recent cooking.

7. De Dietrich DTI 1105 W

This 25 inch built-in white induction cooktop is full of functions and safety features.

What do you think about the Switch function? I didn’t find it on other brands. This allows you to move the pan to another zone, whilst keeping the power and time level of the previous zone.

The item comes with Child Safety which allow you to lock the control panel when it is shut off or running. This will help if you have kids or pets.

Clean lock allows you to clean the cooktop without worrying that it might start.

White Induction Cooktop 36

One of the most important safety features is Temperature Limiter which limits the temperature when cookware is empty to avoid damage.

Other safety features: Residual Heat (a light will alert the user that the zone is still hot), Protection against Overflows (if an overflow happens the hob will auto turn off), Auto-Stop Sensor (auto turn off the hob if there is no predefined time for cooking and is running for long time), Small–item safety (if you place a fork on the cooking zone the item will detect it and won’t start heating).



This built-in cooktop has three cooking zones and is made in Germany with a total power of 7.4 KW. At first sight the control panel seems a little bit complicated but from my point of view it is a matter of use. Electrolux is well known for its user friendly appliances.

What set this cooktop apart from the others is the interaction with the user. For example, to choose your heat level you just need to touch the control bar and move your finger along until you set the desired temperature.

The item has almost 10 sensors.

The presence of the OptiHeat control shows exactly the level of residual heat.

All cooking zones are connected and managed by power management sensor. You can have a maximum power only for one cooking zone.

Other features: OffSound control, Child Safety control, Lock, Stop+Go, Timer, Automatic Heat Up etc.

9. Conclusion

As a conclusion, most white induction cooktops are manufactured by European companies and of course you can’t find them on well known American online stores like Amazon or Walmart. It’s odd because the white range fashion was started in the United States because people wanted cooktops to suite their white kitchen furniture. Most of these items you will find on Amazon France.