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Work Order forms give an itemized list of materials and labor needed to complete a project. The scope of work should be thoroughly described with a completion date along with pricing for each item. The work order does not guarantee the costs, unless otherwise stated, and gives the client or customer a proper estimate for the work to be provided. A work order is common for specialty or custom. Outline your work order, make a flow chart, and divide it into four sections: provide the full and active contact information, specifying the job assignment, list down the issues or problems, and its work description. For the contact information, provide an invoice remittance address if it is different from your company address. A work order, also known as a job order or work ticket, is a document describing the work to be completed or products to be purchased or manufactured. This free and professional work order template captures customer and job information and summarizes labor and materials used to complete the jobs. The following Work Order templates are designed using Microsoft Word. Each of these templates can be downloaded and edited as per your requirements. There is also a section for Microsoft excel templates after this. General Microsoft Word Work Order Template. This is a very basic Work Order template that contains all the necessary fields to.

A Work Order is a document that details the scope and nature of work to be completed for a project.

It provides details of the pricing, materials to be used, quality specifications, deadlines, taxes, payment terms, contract terms, etc.

Some organizations also use the term Service Ticket or Ticket instead of Work Orders but essentially, they all mean the same thing.

Our sample Work Order templates include printable, editable, downloadable Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel templates that have been designed professionally and are very easy to use.

Download from this wide selection of Work Order templates and customize them according to your needs, if required.

Microsoft Word Work Order Templates

The following Work Order templates are designed using Microsoft Word.

Each of these templates can be downloaded and edited as per your requirements. There is also a section for Microsoft excel templates after this.

1. General Microsoft Word Work Order Template

This is a very basic Work Order template that contains all the necessary fields to enter in information regarding your project. The ready-to-use format can be edited and you are free to remove, replace, or add extra information too.

This General Work Order template is good for those looking for a simple document to work on for smaller projects.

All you have to do is fill in the information and print it out. You can retain the original copy as a separate file for your future needs.

They can also be included in your new hire training process so that your employees can get familiar with the process of filling in work orders as well as filling a credit card authorization form template.

2. Change Order Template

A change order is usually used to make modifications to an already submitted work order.

This happens when there are changes in pricing, requirements, amount of resources allocated to the project, timelines, etc.

This change order template helps you send out formal communication to your service providers/employees about the required edits that need to be made to your requirements.

Work Order Template Word

The template contains fields for you to enter change details, reasons for the modifications, and the approval process your organization follows.

There is also a section that highlights the original detail vs. the changes.

3. IT Work Order Template

This IT Work Order template is superficially designed for use by IT professionals.

Handy for those working in the IT hardware or IT software professional, the tool comes with an easy to use interface that can be downloaded and edited as well.

This format suits internal usage in an organization and employees will find it very user friendly to use like a hennessy label template.

Great for small businesses, the template requires you to fill in information like personnel details and the IT work that is required to be done.

4. Work Order template for Repair work

The repair work order template is usually designed for companies that operate in the real estate, automobile, manufacturing, etc segments and tend to have a lot of repair work that gets done.

It can also be used by tenants to get repair work done on their rental properties and to track the payments made to vendors and the landlord.

The repair work order is an excellent tool to monitor quality guidelines, costs, and timelines for a particular project.

5. Stop-work order template

A stop-work order is required when you need to either temporarily halt the progress of your project or cancel it totally!

In such cases, you will need to provide details of the project that needs to be stalled, the reasons for the stop-work order, the approval signatures, and acknowledgment of the people working on the project.

However, please make that if you need to make changes to your initial work order, do not use a Stop-work order.

Instead, you need to use the Change Work Order template shared above.

Excel Work Order Templates

If you are looking to work on spreadsheets rather than Microsoft Word documents, then please select from the range of sample work order templates provided below in Excel format.

6. General Excel Work Order template

This is a very simple excel spreadsheet containing the basic layout for a Work Order.

The excel sheet is downloadable and can be edit by any user.

However, whenever editing Microsoft Excel documents please make sure that you don’t change any formulas otherwise you might not get the right calculations.

General templates are good to build on. Since this excel template is editable, you or your team can add, replace, or remove elements from it.

Such sheets are also great for your training process and you can use them to teach your employee about the work order process.

7. Automotive Work Order template

Work Order Template

The automotive work order template is designed to be used by the automobile industry.

It’s a great tool to give out repair or maintenance work orders and can be used for internal as well as external communication.

This template captures details about eh vehicle such as the odometer reading, make & model, registration details, and a checklist for work to be done like lubrication, cleaning, oil changes, battery work, etc.

You can also enter more details about the kind of work to be done, the costing, quantities, and the deadlines for the service.

If you are a vehicle owner and like to track the work done on your vehicle along with pricing factors, then this is a great tool for you!

8. Cleaning Work Order template

Cleaning services are required across all industries and even in our homes.

This simple cleaning work order details all the work you need to get done with plenty of space to write all instructions for the cleaning company to follow.

Description of work to be completed is an itemised section where you will mention the scope of the cleaning services and finally a section for the due date as well.

You are also free to make any edits you want to the file.

9. Graphic Design Work Order template

The creative industry often works on complex projects with many people involved in the design and creation process.

Our graphic design work order template helps you capture these details!

This comprehensive template contains fields for the project scope, description, list of people working on the project, budget, and other relevant details.

However, if your needs are much more than the data mentioned in the format, you can edit it according to the design that your organization follows.

10. Landscaping Work Order template

Landscaping work orders are usually handy for landscaping companies, real estate companies, or homeowners as well.

This form is a little different from others since it breaks down the section into Labour and Materials separately.

There are columns for entering the hours of work, charges, total cost, material quantities, deadlines, tax calculations, and approval signatures as well.

It is pretty well documented and should not need many edits from your end.

Work order template microsoft

11. Maintenance Work Order template

This is probably one of the most common kinds of work order templates that are used by organizations.

If you are looking to pass Maintenance orders then such documents make your job easy and help you keep track of project progress.

Once again the document has all the usual fields for the project description, the scope of work, and costs associated.

Along with it, there are separate sections for material and labor details. At the end of the template, all cost calculations are done automatically with a formula.

12. Service Work Order template

A service work order is essential for the services industry and catered to meet their needs.

In this Microsoft Excel template, you can provide details about the services required, parts, materials, man-hours for the project, the costing, and then the final calculations for pricing.

The template comes in a downloadable format and can be edited as well.

Irrespective of which service business you cater to, the format fits any kind of use.

However, as mentioned above, before you make any changes to the template, make sure that the formulas for price calculations remain intact.

13. Inspection Work Order template

This is probably one of the most detailed work order templates we have.

An Inspection work order is required when you need to carry out quality checks for either a product or service.

For example, real estate companies pass inspection work orders when they need to survey buildings and check if they are in good condition.

Or when they need to monitor the quality of work done by their vendors.

Such work orders are also passed by potential homeowners who want the property to be audited for structural damages, pests, electrical issues, leaks, or when they want to sell their home.

14. Purchase Order Excel template

A purchase order or PO is usually sent by buyers to sellers detailing the items they would like to purchase, the quantities, pricing, and terms of the agreement.

Purchase orders don’t require immediate payment and are basically the intention of buying products.

Large organizations have extensive use of purchase orders and this template should help you out.

Download this template to place an order with your vendors or suppliers and track items like pricing, deadlines, quantities, shipping, and tax information.

15. Tracking Excel template

Now, this isn’t your usual work order. It’s a fantastic template that monitors all your other work orders! Imagine this.

You work for an organization and are responsible for creating numerous work orders every day!

How do you monitor the progress of all those work orders? Well, it is pretty simple with this template to track all your existing work orders.

In this tracking template, you can fill in the work order numbers, description, start and due dates, priority levels, and the progress of completion as well.

And the best part is that you can edit and columns to add new data points as well. And if you want something up on your cubicle, you can print it out right away!

Using Work Order Templates

Our downloadable work orders are easy to use and you don’t need a designer or an engineer to work on them.

Each work order – Excel or Word- comes in an editable format and changes can be made to all the content inside the templates.

However, before you make any edits in the Microsoft Excel formats, please check for formulas. If you delete the formulas, you will have to write them again!

Each work order has information that needs to be inputted and some of this includes

  • Organization Logo and Name
  • Work Order Name
  • Location
  • Date
  • Work Order Description
  • Tax Details
  • Bill To
  • Other Details

Apart from these, you will be able to add other fields as per your requirements.

If you know how to work on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents, then editing these templates is a matter of a few minutes of work.

It is interesting to note that these work orders can also be used as an Invoice as well. Smaller organizations combine work orders, purchase orders, and invoices in a single document.

This saves them time and the effort of organizing different documents.

Benefits of using Work Orders

Work Orders are a simple way of engaging in project management. From the simplest of tasks to the most complicated ones can be executed with the help of work orders.

Work Order Template Download

While larger organizations have custom-built software that helps them with Project Management, smaller organizations sometimes cant afford to buy expensive software.

For such companies, our free work order templates become really helpful in managing their projects. Our templates help you in

  • planning tasks
  • laying out a clear set of instructions for the project
  • have control on expense
  • monitor the quality of work done
  • delegating tasks to people
  • project management

I hope you liked our collection of free, downloadable, and editable work order templates.