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I'm struggling with my Z4M. I was running it on an old windows tower with XP and just upgraded all my windows machines to mac mini's running parallels and Windows 7.

Download Peninsula Mac Thermal Driver Zebra for Mac to print shipping and other thermal labels from any Mac application. The software is in use worldwide and supports many makes of thermal label printer, including Zebra and many others. So you don’t need to have a Zebra printer to use this product you can use other makes as well. This driver does not use Java, it takes the output from any application or website and makes it work with your label printer.

Zebra Gk420d Driver for Mac comes with a free trial version that limits the scanners Jun 11, 2012  There is a commercial driver for Zebra printers on Mac OSX, works perfectly with the GK420d printer even from courier Websites and Ebay shipping. I am looking for advice on using a Zebra printer with Macintosh OS 10. Here's a guide on how to instal and set up your GK420d network printer on Mac to use with Shipmondo. Give your printer a static IP address. Make sure you give your printer a static IP address before setting it up on your Mac. Instruction for this can be found in the printer instruction manual or in other way supplied by the manufacturer. Despite what Zebra say the only way you can print reliably and correctly on OSX to a Zebra GK420d printer is with a commercial printer driver. These drivers print to all Zebra printers, straight from any Mac application including Browsers with no pixelation. The only drawback is you have to purchase it. Details are here.

MacZebra gx420d driver for mac

I can't answer your question yet but I can tell you the throwing $250 at Parallels / W7 doesn't make it easy.. I can't get the printer to communicate. I bought a Serial to USB adapter, which might or might not be the problem. No clue what you are supposed to do when the windows wizard asks what port you are connected to and lists 50 random looking choices.

So far the only Mac solution I have found is through Peninsula-group.com and costs $113 for one user. I downloaded the trial version and it is not working.


Good Luck !

Apr 6, 2013 9:09 AM

1. Plug in the Zebra printer (Power and USB)
2. Turn the printer on (power switch on right side)
3. Go to Mac System Preferences (Apple>System Preferences) and you should see the following

4. Click “Print & Fax” and you should see the following

5. Click the “+” button and you should see the following

6. Highlight the Zebra Printer and you should do the following

7. Choose “Select Printer Software” next to “Print Using” and you should see the following

Zebra Gx420d Driver For Mac

8. Type “zebra” in the search in the top right then select the line that says “Zebra ZPL Label Printer” then click OK and you should see the following

You are now finished installing the Zebra Printer

Zebra 420d Driver For Mac Download

NOTE: Zebra Printing is only supported on Mac OSX 10.5 and greater

Zebra 420d Driver For Mac Installer

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  • Applies to: All POSIM versions on Mac